Having the right kind of godly influences helps you stay on course


It happened in Lima, Peru. A Boeing 757 jetliner took off into the night. Just a few moments into the flight, the pilot radioed to the control tower. He was disoriented and confused.

The computers in his cockpit were giving him bad information. Air traffic controllers could hear the panic in his voice. The pilot asked about his altitude. He acknowledged that his crash alarm was on.

Then he asked, “Am I over land or sea?” Those were the final words he spoke before his plane careened into the Pacific Ocean, killing all 70 people on board.

Investigators later discovered that maintenance workers had washed and polished the exterior of the plane. In order to protect the key sensors that provide critical information for the pilot (things like altitude, air speed and air pressure), they covered the sensors with duct tape.

When they were done washing the plane, they failed to remove the tape. Later, when the plane was in the air, those sensors were blocked. The pilot couldn’t get the input he needed to fly the plane safely, which resulted in a horrible and needless tragedy.

Here’s the point of that sad story. So many people spend so much time polishing up the exterior of their lives and careers. They look and feel so good. You might say they are flying high.

The unfortunate thing is they have neglected to prepare themselves for when an ethical issue comes up that may threaten their credibility. Their job, their reputation and their future are all at stake.

They have neglected their need for the kind of godly input in their lives that would keep them on the right course. When they get caught up in a serious ethical question, they are suddenly flying blind.

They are confused and disoriented not knowing which way to go. As a result, they sometimes end up crashing their career or their family or their lives into the sea.

When everything depends on you making the right ethical choices, you need to have the right kind of godly influences to stay on course.

Over the last few weeks, we have said it is important to keep your purpose in mind. Pray for God to lead you in the right direction. Look for biblical principles that can be applied in your situation.

Seek the support of Godly people who can give you solid advice. Test the winds of popular opinion so you can go the opposite way. Then keep your perspective by keeping your eye on God.

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