Christmas Basket Fund keeps growing


The annual Christmas Basket Fund grew to $8,716.50 on Friday with $367.50 in donations.

The newest donations are:

  • In memory of Jeff Lanam, parents and grandparents, $100, from Steve and Joann Lanam
  • $25, Women’s Christian Missionary Society Reddington Christian Church
  • $12.50, Laura Jo’s Cookies for Kids/Sweany
  • In loving memory of our dear friend, Barb Wiethoff Guthrie, $100, from The Herd, American Legion
  • In loving memory of Rick, John and Doris and Virgil and Alberta, $100, from Linda and family
  • $30 anonymous

Donations may be mailed to or dropped off at American Legion Post 89, The Tribune or any JCB branch.

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