Malone announces resignation from city council


A Seymour city councilman announced his resignation during Monday’s council meeting, after revealing he plans to move outside city limits.

Shawn Malone, one of two independent members on the council, said he and his wife recently purchased a home in the Reddington area and plan to move next month.

He will leave office just more than a year before the end of his four-year term.

Malone was first elected to one of two at-large seats in 2015, serving alongside longtime at-Large Councilman Lloyd Hudson. At-large members represent all districts of the city, while the other five seats represent their respective districts.

Malone is the second councilman in the past month to resign.

Brian “Bubba” D’Arco resigned in November after taking a job out of town, which he said left him unable to fulfill his council commitments.

Malone’s resignation spurs a unique set of circumstances.

Democrats and Republicans hold caucuses when they need to find replacements, but since Malone is an independent, the council will accept candidates and vote on his replacement, Mayor Craig Luedeman said.

Malone’s replacement would finish the remainder of Malone’s term, but could be challenged for the spot in the May 7 primary if they decide to seek re-election.

Malone said it was an honor and a unique experience to serve on the council.

“It’s been very rewarding and it’s showed me the workings on local government and how we can be helpful,” he said. “I did learn that we as citizens can be pretty helpful too and you don’t have to have power of authority to get things done, you just have to go out and do them, but the checks and balances finish those off and get those things done.”

Malone said he encourages people to participate in city elections and make their voices heard.

He also said he’d like to see more people put their names on the ballot in the 2019 municipal elections. The filing period for those races begins Jan. 9 and ends at noon Feb. 8.

“You don’t have to be part of a party,” he said. “I was never part of a party and just wanted to be helpful to our community.”

As an independent, Malone said he shared a bond with District 5 Councilman Dave Earley, who was the first independent elected in 2011.

Malone said he had many conversations with Earley before and after he was elected.

“He showed me it could be done and encouraged me,” he said.

Malone said he has enjoyed participating in the city’s business, particularly his work on the thoroughfare committee, which oversees the streets and roadways.

“Part of the new Burkart bypass and sitting in on those meetings and see how it will advance our community has been pretty awesome,” he said.

Malone voiced support for the city’s solar initiative, which is aimed at powering city government with solar energy.

During Monday’s meeting, the council discussed the next step for the project. There has been one proposal submitted, but city officials have heard from other companies interested in the project.

Malone said he thinks the city should support the effort and felt he was a big part of bringing the city this far into the discussions. He said he was inspired to support solar energy when he was assigned streetlight responsibilities.

“While Matt (Nicholson) and Craig (Luedeman) were really important people getting those conversations started, I’d like to feel like I was behind them pushing,” he said. “I think solar energy is a good and right thing for us to do.”

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