Uncivil discourse


How far we have fallen. Once upon a time, we, as Americans, held shared values of being the good guy, of helping the underdog, of basic manners and civility, and with the understanding that we live and participate in an incredibly blessed country.

How things have changed. And there is plenty of blame to lay on both liberals and conservatives.

Recently, CNN, several prominent Democrats and critics of President Trump were sent bombs in the mail. Have we really gotten to the point where if we disagree with each other that violence is the answer? The rhetoric has become so vile and disturbing that some sick person decided the only way to deal with them was to try to kill them.

Incredibly, prominent conservative voices, including Rush Limbaugh suggested that “leftists” were to blame for the attempted attacks. “Republicans just don’t do this kind of thing,” Limbaugh said.

Yes, they do. And so do liberals. There are many instances of Trump supporters being targeted and Republicans receiving death threats.

We’re even seeing this play out locally.

Amie Neiling who is running for the Indiana House District 32 seat, sent out text messages on Oct. 15 and received a response that said, “We’re working on having this liberal %&#$ assassinated.”

Neiling said she was offended by the profanity, but the reported plan to have her killed was a different matter. She reported the threat to the Cicero Police Department, who forwarded it to the Indiana State Police.

The ISP reported they had an ongoing investigation into the case.

Neiling said she believed it would be a fairly simple investigation, as she had the person’s name and phone number.

Her opponent, Republican Tony Cook, released a statement to the Tribune, condemning the threat.

“It is deplorable anytime and in any manner in which threats of bodily harm or death are issued, especially when the threats stem from political differences and opinions. I sympathize with Mrs. Neiling and can relate to her concern, having personally received multiple threatening letters during the time I was the principal that enrolled and supervised Ryan White’s unrestricted admission to public school at Hamilton Heights,” he wrote.

Cook also complimented his opponent.

“Mrs. Neiling and I have met several times during the campaign, and we have not had, nor will I foster or encourage, an acrimonious relationship. In fact, the relationship between us has been cordial and civil, focused on our policy stances and approaches when we have debated,” he wrote.

Thank goodness for Cook. He did the right thing and stood up against the violence.

We could all learn a lesson from him.

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