Letter: Letter to the Editor Sherry Goad


To the editor:

Get Out The Vote

There are individuals that always vote straight Democrat or Republican ballot. However, there are more voters who vote according to their views on the issues. The upcoming election is very important because of the issues and less about the candidates. What is at stake:

1) Securing our borders. We currently have a wave of about 7,000 refugees making their way from Central America with the intent of invading these United States. They are said to be ‘impoverished’ people. If you have ever moved, walked or otherwise traveled any distance, you know it costs to travel even if you are walking. Walking takes extra time. Since these people are impoverished how are they traveling? Those countries want to keep good citizens and get rid of the bad ones. These ‘impoverished’ people are not being supported by the US Government, so who is? Your guess is as good as mine.

2) The US currently has an all time record setting 7 million job openings. The Media is say these job openings can be filled by these ‘impoverished’ people, think about it! Those job openings are there because there are not enough skilled people available to fill them. Also, there are people living off the government who don’t really want to work. Employers are looking for reliable, qualified, teachable employees, these ‘impoverished’ people will not be able to fill any of these jobs. We need to be looking at all people currently waiting in line for a legal entry in the US for the skills needed to fill the 7 million job openings. Where is the common sense?

3) Another election issue is to make the recent tax cut on individuals permanent. Currently they are scheduled to expire in a few years. Do you want your recent tax cut cancelled? Who would vote for that?

4) President Trump has eliminated many regulations that have been choking business and manufacturing expansions. The results we have seen in the expansion in our country’s economy and job growth. These eliminated regulations are instrumental in the economic growth our country has experienced in the last two years are in danger of being reinstated. Who wants that to happen?

5) Not everyone likes President Trump’s personality or his manners, but you should give him credit for the policies he has implemented. President Trump has been able to get North Korea to the bargaining table, successfully brought several Americans released from prisons in other countries without any monetary bribes. Give Trump credit for all the good things he has accomplished. He is the first President of the US to stand up to forces of evil since Ronald Regan brought the Soviet Union to it’s knees.

6) Russia and China are meddling in our elections. They are promoting candidates who oppose President Trump. We have to be diligent in our sorting through all the Media noise. In addition we need to be patient while the Master Negotiator completes the task to benefit our American Employers and Employees.

Do your homework and be an informed and astute voter.

Sherry Goad, Seymour

Editor’s note: Goad’s name was mistakenly left out in the Oct. 31 print edition. A correction appeared on the front page on Nov. 1.

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