Fort Vallonia Days contest results released


The Tribune Staff Reports

Results of some of the contests during the 50th annual Fort Vallonia Days on Oct. 20 and 21 have been released:

Wes Hartley Memorial

Muzzleloader Shoot

Adult best X: Jeff Neal, first; Tom Cooley, second; Bill Wonning, third

Adult aggregate: Lowell Crane, first; Bill Wonning, second; Greg Hercamp, third

Junior best X: Samuel Desalle, first; Carson Cooley, second; Cameron Cooley, third

Junior aggregate: Samuel Desalle, first; Carson Cooley, second; Cameron Cooley, third

Little pioneer

Paisley Barker, first; Ansley Williams, second

Baby contest

Girls 0 to 6 months: Jaxmine Abel, first; Ellie Marie Schafstall, second

Boys 0 to 6 months: Gunner Hunnicutt, first

Girls 7 to 12 months: Lynleigh Sterling, first; Brinleigh Shelton, second

Boys 7 to 12 months: Beau and Luke Hannah, first; Hudson Black, second

Girls 13 to 23 months: Paisley Barker, first; Maddilynn Robinson, second

Boys 13 to 23 months: Lukas Barger, first; Layne Mails, second

Girls 2 to 3 years: Lolah Cummings, first

Boys 2 to 3 years: Jack Murphy, first; Bryson Adams, second

Cornhole results: Scott Deaton, Scottsburg, and Lane Reese, Madison, first; Dale Monroe, Madison, and Bob Vonch, Madison, second; Hunter Williams, Scottsburg, and R.C. Clark, Lexington, third; Paul French, Seymour, and A.J. Monde, Seymour, fourth

Men’s tomahawk throw: Chris Lange, Seymour, first; Preston Gerbig, Seymour, second; Rick Buening, third. Overall score: Preston Gerbig, Seymour

Men’s knife throw: John Gerbig, first; Ben Allen, Seymour, second; David Boling, third. Overall score: Ben Allen, Seymour

Women’s tomahawk throw: Kyra Baxter, Elizabethtown, first; Stephanie Florence, Hodgenville, Kentucky, second; Mamie Boling, Vallonia, third. Overall score: Kyra Baxter, Elizabethtown

Youth tomahawk throw: Bryce Peters, Seymour, first; Adam Wayt, Vallonia, second; Holden Tovey, Driftwood, third. Overall score: Adam Wayt, Vallonia

Craft winners: Country Kandles, first; Kevin Townsend, second; Peddlers Korner, third

Flea marker winners: Luke Mooneyham, first; Mark Ferri, second; Jerry and Jenine Wynn, third

Baking contest

Overall winner: Lori Underwood, North Vernon, pumpkin pie


Pumpkin category: Terri Agan, Salem, pumpkin cake

Persimmon pudding: Terri Agan, Salem

Children’s category: Abigail Tovey, Vallonia, pumpkin spice cupcakes

Pumpkin carving contest

(6 to 11)

Prettiest: Abigail Tovey, unicorn

Scariest: Savannah Barger, moon and bats

Most creative: Jasmine Barger, tombstones

Fort Vallonia Days theme: Evan Stahl

Pumpkin carving contest

(12 to 17)

Scariest: Holden Tovey, scary skeleton

Pumpkin carving contest

(18 plus)Prettiest: Stephanie Florence, sweet baby

Scariest: Travis Florence, spiky teeth

Most creative: Amanda Peters, eyeball

Fort Vallonia Days theme: Nick Walden

Best in show: Nick Walden

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