North Vernon man accused of kidnapping causing injury



A North Vernon man was accused of kidnapping resulting in injury and additional charges after police were notified of a moving vehicle containing individuals in an active disturbance driving north from Vernon.

North Vernon police, Jennings County Sheriff’s deputies and Indiana Conservation officers went to look for the vehicle at 12:45 p.m. Sunday. A caller reported to police that it appeared the vehicle occupants were actively fighting while the vehicle was moving and the vehicle was swerving and almost struck a parked car.

Officers located the vehicle at the Crystal Flash gas station, police said. During the investigation, North Vernon police Sgt. Andrew Richmond observed a visible injury on the victim.

The suspect, Travis D. Woods, 32, of North Vernon, is accused of confronting his husband at the gas station then getting into his vehicle with the victim and driving off. While driving, Woods is accused of not letting the victim out of the vehicle or slowing down enough for him to get out. The victim also reported that his phone was damaged because of the violent swerving while Woods was driving, police said.

Woods is accused of striking the victim in the face while driving before returning to the gas station and meeting with responding officers, officers said.

Police said Woods was arrested at the scene on the following preliminary charges:

Felony kidnapping resulting in injury

Felony criminal confinement resulting in injury

Felony battery resulting in moderate bodily injury

Misdemeanor interfering with reporting a crime

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