Seymour lineman joins football team for senior season


Chandler Hutchinson has been in weight classes at Seymour High School for the past three years, and during that time his interest in sports has increased.

At the urging of a friend, Devin Hill, Hutchinson decided to give football a try this season.

He is glad he me made that choice.

“I came out for the experience, and I wanted to do a sport for my last year, my senior year,” the offensive lineman said. “It has taught me a lot of stuff like having more responsibility, dedication and sticking with what you’re doing. Never quitting.

“I got involved in it last year in the weight room. One of my buddies in football (Hill) said I should try football. So I said I would. Mr. (Coach Steven) Wolfenbarger kept asking me to vcome to the workouts.

On the field, Hutchinson plays right tackle for the Owls.

“I try to focus on my hands and footwork mainly,” Hutchinson said. “My goal is to explode off my hands and force them back up, straight up.”

Hutchinson said he uses different technique for run-blocking and pass-blocking.

“In run blocking I try to get in front of the defensive tackle,” he said. “On some plays I’ll block the linebacker or the tackle or just fill in where I need to fill.”

Hutchinson said in pass-blocking, “I’ll use a ‘bucket step,’ where I drop back. Blocking is a lot harder than it looks to get the right technique.

“Practice is very important. Practice can go from 3:30 p.m. to 6:30. I do scout team O (offense).”

He plays right tackle for the Owls in some of the JV games.

He said he enjoys playing on turf.

“It’s much easier to run and to block on it,” Hutchinson said. “In my opinion I think it’s much harder to run on grass than on turf.

“Turf is hot but it’s satisfying. Senior Night (Friday against Madison) will be a big night. I look forward to seeing family and friends and spending time with the football team.”

Hutchinson said the weight room has definitely helped him get stronger as he has increased his weight to 210.

“My favorite lift is bench,” he said. “My max is 270, but I want to try to get it to 280. A year ago I was around 225 or 230.”

Hutchinson said he is thinking about going out for wrestling. He plans to go to wrestling practices once football season is over to see what it’s about.

He has enjoyed his teachers and coaches at SHS.

“Especially Coach (Brice) Darling,” Hutchinson said. “I’ve had a lot of good times here. I’ve had some good memories here. I met my best friend, Isaac Thompson, here. We met my sophomore year.”

Hutchinson said he looks forward to being part of the cheer block at the basketball games this winter.

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Name: Chandler Hutchinson

High school: Seymour

Parents: Tracy Ault, Brian Ault

Sibling: Ben

Sports: football 1 year

Plans after high school: trade school or U.S. Navy

Favorite food: pizza

Favorite movie: Deadpool

Favorite team: Pittsburgh Steelers


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