Letter: Letter to the Editor, Don Hill


To the editor:

You must have done something wrong. Stomping on it and throwing the "Easy-to-Open" package across the kitchen, hoping somehow it will open on its own, is not the way the packaging designers plan it. Of course, they never tried opening it themselves.

I can picture the production crew laughing their heads off when their easy open cartons roll off the line; "They will never get that one open".

It seems everything today is sealed in non-destructive plastic. I bought a set of steak knives and I had to use an old steak knife to get the new knives out the package.

And those perforated boxes of crackers, they’re in shreds by the time you find the crackers. Maybe the perforator inspector should check how deep the perforator machine is cutting the perforations.

They say if you think you are having a heart attack to quickly take some aspirin. If you weren’t having one you would probably have one before you could get the aspirin bottle open.

How about those soup cans with the easy pull open lids? Not only do they tear your fingers up, it would take a Hummer with a front end winch to pull one open.

Forget it, just turn the can upside down and put it in an electric can opener. Wala! Put me in the engineering department that came up with that one and I’ll show them how to save money.

The other night at a wedding I had to open two bottles of water for ladies who didn’t have the strength. Some guys need a "church key" to open a twist off beer cap. Civilization is either getting weaker or the package designers are having a ball at work.

Don Hill, Seymour

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