Anything but a walk in the park

August sure has been a hot one.

Like for real. Heck, 2018 in general is flat kicking my tail.

You know writer’s block? Well, I feel like I have exerciser’s block.

I can’t even take the daggum heat. It is brutal. My sweat is sweaty at this point.

I have been researching new home workout routines for the fall. I like to change up every few months. I am not a “follow along on this dance move” type of girl. I can face my limitation, and coordination is not something I was blessed with.

The instructor goes right, and I go left. It is an ugly sight. I have tried before.

I do have to give props to Katrina. She teaches Body Rock at Snap Fitness, and if that girl had it her way, I would be there every day.

I have tons of enthusiasm. I tried (in the comfort of my own home) a choreographed dance, and well, my beagles just stared at me. So I will stick to cardio plans and hope to be the cute hip-hop dancer someday. #goals

Exercising has just been hard. Eating is a struggle right now, too. Stress piles up on stress, and again, next thing you know, you are eating something you know darn well better than to eat. Plus, I am hurt. Ugh!

Yeah, I finally came clean with it. Y’all, I am sidelined.

Shew, listen, here is how it happened.

I have been down now three weeks and counting. I hurt my stupid ankle. It was a normal practice I was doing. Using the Rock n’ Ready course, I stepped off of the sidewalk heading west on Westgate Road and just rolled my ankle. Ever since then, I have not been OK.

It gives me the most frustration ever. It is not getting any better, and I am not able to run without the sharp pain every few strides. I have home remedied so much it is about time for a doc visit.

This has greatly put a damper on my attempt at preparation for the Oktoberfest 5K. To be determined if I make it as planned.

While I again know that the tests that are presented to me today are just that tests, I am resilient.

I have mentioned over the course of my articles the strength it takes, and honestly, I feel like this last month, I have let myself down some. I have really given in a lot to temptation lately.

There is no reason why except that I am stressed, which in reality is no excuse.

This year has been anything but a walk in the park. I have had to fight harder at life than I ever have had to do. It has been so challenging, one obstacle after the next. While I am ready for what life has and take it in stride, sometimes tears, but whatever.

I refuse, flat-out refuse to give up.

So go right on ahead, life, and bring it on. These last four months of 2018, I am ready.

So ready.

Heather Chase is a Seymour resident chronicling her weight-loss and fitness journey. She is writing a monthly column, published on the final Friday of each month, for one year with The Tribune. Send comments to [email protected].

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