Seymour senior relishes opportunity to work as last line of defense


Patrick DeBoor says the best feeling in soccer, especially on the defensive end, is making a stop to keep the opposing team off the scoreboard.

This season, DeBoor is the Owls’ starting goalie.

“I just stay on my line,” DeBoor said. “Sometimes a defender will have to come in and help me because the offense will place somebody on the goalie and try to block them. If we get a shutout, we get donuts. That’s our incentive. I like soccer because you have to think while you play.

“I just get a really great feeling when I distribute the ball from the back and we make a bunch of passes and one-twos and overlaps and then we get a goal. It feels really good to know that that many people had a part in the overall goal.”

The senior keeper said he learned a lot by watching Elliott Clark in goal last year.

“I just watched his positioning and his decision-making on when to come out on a ball, or just stay back, just that kind of stuff,” DeBoor said. “We usually have four (defenders) in the back, two people in the middle and two outside backs.

“When we moved here I played recreational soccer, and then U8 or U9 (with the Seymour Cyclones). I played with the Cyclones until eighth grade and then high school.”

The Owls attended a team camp in Indianapolis this summer.

“I think it just made everybody a lot more comfortable with each other,” DeBoor said. “I think it’s a good area to try new things. Like in our second half we tried a different formation than our usual formation just to kind of see how we would do, and I think it helped everybody getting used to where they’re playing now and working with other people that are around.”

This is the third season for the Owls to play their matches on turf.

“It’s fun to play under the lights. It’s not as hot,” DeBoor said. “I guess the ball travels a lot faster on turf, and it speeds up play a lot more. You have to move your positions a lot more because the attackers are traveling faster with the ball. It’s a lot harder on the turf. We switch every other day, grass and turf, with the girls.”

Since the Owls play a strong schedule, DeBoor said the team is going to have give its best effort every match.

“We are going to have to be at the top or our game a lot more this season,” he said. “We’re adding more opponents that are a lot harder.”

DeBoor has enjoyed attending SHS.

“I really like all the teachers,” he said. “I think especially in our math, science and English departments. I’ve enjoyed all my teachers. I’ve had a lot of good memories.”

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Name: Patrick DeBoor

School: Seymour High School

Parents: Julie and Patrick DeBoor

Sports: soccer 4 years

Athletic awards: most improved, coaches award, all-academic

Organizations: National Honor Society, Spanish Club, Immanuel Youth Group, Schneck Volunteering, Camp Lakeview Junior

Plans after high school: attend college

Favorite food: steak

Favorite TV show: The Office

Favorite musicians: Drake

Favorite movie: Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Favorite team: Purdue


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