Letter: Letter to the Editor Don Hill


To the editor:

Everybody has their political views. Well, here’s mine. Growing up my dad was a coal miner so naturally he was a Democrat. Our family didn’t have Republican friends.

In fact, we didn’t speak to Republicans. My dad was what some called a “Yellow Dog” party person. If they put a yellow dog on the ballot and it was their party, they would vote for it. Of course, my mom did whatever dad did.

Now I was in the service when I became eligible to vote. So of course, how did I vote? Well, I liked Ike and I voted for him. A Republican. If this was known back home I would have been disowned by my family. I would have been written out of the will and my belongings would have been put out in the driveway.

Ever since, I have tried to select whom I thought was the best person for the job. Locally, I see no difference between either party. I just vote for a friend or someone I know as a good person. I don’t pay attention to the thousands of lawn signs that mar the lawns. And those TV ads … according to them, every person in the country is a crook so why vote for anybody.

Statewide, I study the candidates more. Since I am a retired schoolteacher, I look for those who have a positive approach to education. Regrettably, since every politician has gone to school, they know all the answers. But some come up with less knowledge than others.

Now for the national election. Eventually, they change. They come and go. Some should go sooner. However, I wouldn’t want the job myself so maybe I have no right to complain. It is said that we have the greatest type of government in the world and I believe that. Sometimes I wonder how it continues to succeed. Two parties go head-to-head, each working toward the next election and we call it “Government of the People.” I have never failed to vote.

I will always do my duty. It is a right that thousands have given their lives for and I will always respect that. That’s my political opinion.

Don Hill, Seymour

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