Day 50 50 fast approaching

Greetings and salutations, all.

At the beginning of this project, when I went to Tribune reporter Zach Spicer with the Day 50 50 idea, he asked me if I was interested in providing updates to the article as time went along.

Originally, I wasn’t very enthused to do so; however, as this whole thing has grown, I decided to take him up on his offer and give a little more of my personal perspective on what is going on.

So first, currently, there are 14 participating local businesses committed to donating to eight local not-for-profit organizations based on the amount of miles I run up to 50 miles that day. Some accepted the challenge outright and will match up to 50 percent of their profits from that day, and some will sponsor and match me a certain dollar amount per mile.

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Of these businesses, a few have yet to inform me as to which not-for-profit they will donate to. Therefore, the list is still growing on both sides of the spectrum, and I hope it continues to do so up to and maybe even the day of my run, which is Sept. 1.

Some of these businesses I reached out to, and some have reached out to me. Regardless, all have shown initiative and desire to help create a more loving and prosperous community.

Switching gears slightly, with the increased interest and support, I’ve been led to expand into other areas of the community.

There is now a 50 Hours of Fitness challenge that will be taking place on Day 50 50 at the new fitness court at Crossroads Community Park in downtown Seymour. With the help of Seymour Main Street, I have the pavilion at the park reserved from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. that day to host free yoga classes in the morning, led by instructors from Project You.

Also, I am currently in discussion with other community members to host an open drum circle followed by an open jam session that morning.

After reaching out to and having a conversation with local musical artist Dave Campbell from the duo Midnight Noon, starting at roughly 2 p.m., I hope to offer free music to the public throughout the rest of the day.

I am currently in the process of filling time slots for what Dave pitched to me as 50 Minutes of Music, and as soon as I hear back from him as to what his involvement will be that day, I then plan on finalizing the rest of the lineup.

If I’m being honest, there are a few more ideas and projects I would like to implement for the day, but for now, I will allow those ideas to manifest in due time if in fact they do come to fruition.

If anyone would like to follow or learn more about Day 50 50, feel free to follow the page on Facebook aptly named Day 50 50 or feel free to contact me via Facebook messenger for information.

As always, do more, be more, see more and love more.

Seymour resident Tyler Henkle will be running 50 miles around Jackson County on Sept 1. That day, he also is organizing a public event at Crossroads Community Park. Send comments to [email protected].

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The five fitness clubs in Seymour have agreed to be a part of the 50 Hours of Fitness challenge organized by Seymour resident Tyler Henkle. Look for a story about that event in an upcoming issue of The Tribune and online at


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