Letter: Letter to the editor Nancy Wolter


The recent incident of the wife of a U.S. Marine, Vietnam veteran, married for 18 years, mother of two U.S. citizens, is caught up in the President’s no exemptions policy of deportation.

I, for one, would vote Trump out of office for his many inhumane acts as this. Surely such actions raise concerns regarding differences in the purposes of government. Does no one else see this president as a potential monster, capable of mass inhumane acts given power?

Schools? Only for a better work force.

Health care? The best for those who can pay.

Global Warming? Has not reached Trump Tower yet.

Hitler had the confidence of crowds of good and honest Germans before WWII. President Trump has many in the U.S.A. convinced his power plan will do great things. Remember, he works for us. Surely, the wife of a Marine, mother of two girls, with no criminal record in 18 years of living in the U.S. deserves to choose where she lives.

Nancy Wolter, Seymour

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