Seymour volleyball captain looks forward to senior season


Jessica Blevins has helped the Seymour girls track and field teams win two sectional titles, and this fall, she would like to add a volleyball sectional trophy to her list.

“Despite our rough season last year, we’re going for that regional championship and the conference championship,” Blevins said. “If we keep putting in the work, the only thing we’ll have to do is execute. We have to have a good mental outlook and recognize our goals because at every second during practice whenever someone is about to give up, we have to remind each other of our goals, and that helps us to push through and break through barriers and help accomplish the little goals we set in practice.”

Blevins looks forward to being a team captain again this fall.

“Especially because it seems this year, I’ll have a little more responsibility with getting the team working together and talking with the officials about points that can be questionable and calls that they make,” she said.

Blevins began her volleyball career in the fifth grade at Immanuel Lutheran School. She played club ball for five years, including playing in a national tournament in Minnesota last year.

She said that experience helped a lot.

“Because I can share what I know about the game and little tricks about what I think the other team is going to do next with the players who don’t have as much experience and help to keep the court going the way we like it,” she said.

Blevins, a 6-footer, is beginning her fourth year as a starter in volleyball and has been both a middle and outside hitter.

“It seems I’m going to start as middle blocker this year and then move to the outside as the season progresses,” she said. “I prefer the outside. There are two different types of swings. The middle has a little different swing than the outside and some different responsibilities on defense as far as blocking versus digging the ball.”

Blevins said teamwork and communication are keys to victory.

“I’d say it’s a direct relationship between success and communication and teamwork,” she said. “Every successful team has great communication and great teamwork. I’ve never seen a team in the semistate or the state that doesn’t have it.

“I’d say communication is very important because we have a few younger people that are stepping on the varsity court this year, and we have to know (what to do). A lot of our problems that we’ve had in the past originate from not trusting a teammate, and it’s helping us to build our trust, and we’ve been in the gym working on communicating.”

Angie Lucas has returned as the Owls’ head coach this fall, replacing Holly Birdsong.

“They do have a lot of similarities since Holly did work with Angie,” Blevins said. “I know this year, we’re focusing a lot on doing the little things right and building from getting our correct habits formed and then building on top of that.”

Blevins said there is a lot to like about volleyball.

“There is so much of an individual part that you have to work on before you even get to the team part, and working with your teammates and seeing them grow is so much better than even yourself growing,” she said. “It just changes people’s moods. It is something that can always brighten someone’s day. It’s an amazing game. Victories, there is nothing else like it.”

In track and field, Blevins has been a regional qualifier in the 4×100 and 4×400 relays and the long jump. In the spring, she hopes to qualify for regional in the 400, 4×400 relay and long jump.

“In the long jump, you have to have the right takeoff angle,” she said. “You can either get the speed going down the runway or get the jump off the board, but putting it together is the hardest part.”

She said she likes to lead off the relay, and in the open 400, she likes to run in one of the inside lanes. She is hoping to break the school record in the 400.

Blevins said she enjoys attending SHS.

“I love it here. I love all the classes that they offer that can help you get a leg up on college,” she said. “There is such a great atmosphere. We have a great band that is always playing at games. I think all of the extra hours put in at practice for sports and for school work is what I’ll remember.”

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Name: Jessica Blevins

School: Seymour High School

Parents: Ryan and Jane Blevins

Sports: Volleyball, four years; track and field, four years; basketball, one year

Athletic highlights: In track and field, two-time sectional champions, regional qualifier in the 4×100, 4×400 relays and long jump; in volleyball, 2017 most valuable player, all-Hoosier Hills Conference first team, all-county; in basketball, conference champions

Organizations: National Honor Society, student athletic board, FFA, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, choir, Latin Club

Plans after high school: Attend college

Favorite food: Brisket tacos

Favorite TV show: “The Office”

Favorite movie: “Nemo”


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