Letter: Letter to the Editor Phil Cordes


To the editor:

At the end of each editorial article in The Tribune is a brief resume of the writer.

The article in the July 26, 2018, issue of the Tribune titled, “Make America Great Again, For Real This Time” was written by John Krull, director of Franklin College’s Pulliam School of Journalism.

Mr. Krull is an all too frequent editorial writer in The Tribune and probably many other Indiana newspapers. If you have read any of his previous articles you know how opinionated all his writings are.

Here is a man who is the head of a college journalism department who is constantly bring us his liberal viewpoint about every subject. It reminds me of Benito Mussolini, once fascist leader of Italy, who said the secret to power is by controlling the minds of children and the news media.

Mr. Krull is in a perfect position for this. It is my understanding that the news media is suppose to write and report the facts of a situation so that we, the readers, can make our own interpretation.

I call your attention to the other editorial article in the same July 26, 2018 Tribune,

“A Pageant Of Newspaper Stunts” , by Leo Morris, columnist for the Indiana Policy Review.

I’m sure our (Seymour) Tribune editor, Aubrey Woods, has the opportunity each day to sift thru many editorial writings that come across his desk.

I suggest he use more articles similar to those of Leo Morris and fewer of John Krull.

Phil Cordes, Seymour

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