Letter: Letter to the editor


Letter to the editor:

How much worse do the effects climate change need to get before American conservatives (sic) stop their disinformation and denial of the problem?

How widespread and prolonged do the heat waves, drought, floods, fires, and famine need to be before the cabal of Fox News (sic), Koch Industries, The American Petroleum Industry, and the Republican Party stop their big tobacco-style campaign of obfuscation against the future of life on the planet?

Watching President Trump deny all the solid evidence of Russian meddling in our democracy and present himself as lapdog to President Putin reminded me of his denial of climate science as a “Chinese hoax.”

Because he does not read; is apparently unable to learn from experts on important subjects of the day; and is only concerned with appeasing his puppet master and stoking his own narcissism, maybe our nation’s only hope to turn toward responsible stewardship of God’s creation is to get Putin to tell him to do it.

Short of that, we all must reduce our carbon footprint as the consensus of climate scientists have been telling us to do for over three decades. And we have to vote for leaders who will enact policy that protects our kids’ future more than fossil industry profits.

Anything short of that and you can’t pretend to love America, her future, or her children. How long can people of faith blindly follow those who are selling out our posterity when they should “replenish the earth?”

How much worse does it have to get before you get on the right side of history?

Steve Plasse, Crothersville

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