Saturday was a busy day at the fair


The Saturday before fair is just as busy as a regular day of fair.

On Saturday, the open pig show takes place in Show Arena 1, and the horse show takes place in the horse arena across the fairgrounds. I was asked to sing the national anthem at the horse show this year, which I hastily accepted.

Once my mom and I had arrived at the show, we made our way to the announcers stand alongside the show ring and began talking to the supervisor of the show. She explained how to enter the ring and where to stand when inside. I was introduced and entered the ring, and once inside, the horses and riders carrying flags in their saddles made their way to the middle of the ring. The American flag was positioned in the middle, and a 4-H flag was stationed on either side of the American flag.

Once the horses were in position, I began singing, and the remaining horses that were not carrying flags entered the ring and made a loop alongside the fence of the arena. The horses got really close to me while I was singing, and I thought one of them was surely going to step on my toe or kick me, but to my surprise, nothing happened.

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Once I finished singing the national anthem, my mom and I made our way to the other side of the arena where I said hello to a friend of mine. As it turns out, my friend was in the next class, and my mom and I decided to stay and watch her. I was thoroughly confused throughout the whole process, and I’m sure my mom was not too happy due to the fact that I was asking her questions every five seconds about everything the horses did. Overall, the horse show was a great experience, and I look forward to singing there again on Sunday.

Once I returned home from the horse show, I cleaned out pig pens and gave all of the pigs a much-needed bath. After I was finished, I went inside, ate lunch and took a quick shower.

Following my shower, I began to prepare for Dancing with the Stars. Dancing with the Stars is a fundraiser for the Brownstown football team where five lucky football players get to perform dances with someone of their choice. Selected people are asked to perform their talents between dances. Myself and another student were asked to sing, and another individual played the drums.

Also at Dancing with the Stars, a silent auction is held with prizes like a signed football, an autographed jersey and much more. Dancing with the Stars was such a fun experience, and I enjoyed watching all of my fellow classmates having fun on the stage.

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