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Letter to the editor:

Trade war?

This nothing but a new tactic by the Democrats to scare people. So, when the price of gas goes up, do you go home and go to bed? No you adjust and move on whether its an increase on food or whatever. Prices go up and down based on profit and greed.

I didn’t recommend that Cummins should build a factory in China to increase profits.

Our so-called allied friends in the EU recently just signed a 23-nation agreement to create their own military force instead of paying their NATO bill, I guess.

And then we have to drag farmers into it, even though they have been in welfare since 2000BC. Perhaps those who cannot compete without assistance should liquidate and retrain for a new source of income like everyone else. With the U.N. reporting the world shortage of food after 2040, I suppose you will want a 9-foot fence around your crops.

Our Mexico migrant problems started in the 1960s when farmers got greedy and begged for low cost labor to come up, but then after being treated worse than dogs, they unionized in California.

I suppose the next crisis will be “the internet is down and my tractor won’t leave the garage.”

Stan Hewitt, Seymour

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