Morton-Oathout family conducts 72nd reunion


The 72nd annual reunion of Andrew Morton and Flora Dell Oathout was June 3 at Honeytown Christian Church with 55 members present.

Tom Ritz gave the invocation for the pitch-in dinner.

A brief business meeting was conducted by Ritz in lieu of the president, Tim Marshall. All officers were reinstated for 2019. They are president, Marshall; vice president, Gordon Surenkamp; and secretary/treasurer, Bobbi Garland.

A roll call, naming the branch of the family each member was from, was taken with the Walter Oathout family having nine; Ralph Oathout family having 21; Roland Oathout family having four; Frank Oathout family having 17; and four guests.

Present were Jessica Tunny, Jaset Wells, Jeanette Sweeney, Jodi Graham, Jennifer Wells, Jennie and Fred Allman, John Oathout, Shannon Lamping, Barbara and Tom Ritz, Greg Isaacs, Brenda Brown, Cathleen Surenkamp, Chase Guinn, Barry and Angie Guinn, Gordon Surenkamp, Randy and Lori Forgey, Meghan Forgey, Donna Otte, Herrell and Judy Acton, Connie Hollin, Shirley Reichenbacker, Gary and Peggy Carmichael, Braxton Scott Carmichael, Roberta Houser, Becky Altemeyer Ames, Kati Vance, Mary Jo Morris, Lois Henley, Lisa Zike, Lucas Zike, Julie and John Taylor, Vicki Arney, Madge Fish, Abigail Fish, Harold and Bobbi Garland, Emily Mowery, Dorothy J. McDonald, Hannah Ackeret, Justin Ackeret, Crystal Ackeret, Haley Ackeret, Larry and Sue Isaacs, Travis Ritz, Wendy Ritz, Hadlee Ritz and Junior Guinn.

Next year, the Oathout family reunion will be June 2 at Honeytown Christian Church. All family and friends are welcome.

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