Letter: Letter to the Editor, Phil Cordes


To the editor:

It seems to me you wasted a lot of Tribune space running the editorial article by Leo Morris on June 6, 2018.

Mr. Morris starts with a riddle about whether you should elect to choose a million dollars or a penny that is doubled each day for 30 days. Then he switches gears to talk about a U.S. Senate bill sponsored by Sen. Rand Paul (R) from Kentucky in which Senator Paul proposes to cut the budget by 1 percent a year for 5 years. Mr. Morris then castrates Indiana Republican Senator Todd Young for siding with all the Senate Democrats, including Indiana’s Joe Donnelly, for voting against the bill.

Mr. Morris taunts Senator Todd Young for “failing the penny test.” What penny test?? Senator Young was never involved in the Penny riddle. I can’t tell what is the point Mr. Morris is trying to make.

It looks like Leo Morris is scrapping the bottom of the barrel to come up with a reason to write a derogatory article about Republicans. However, it is no wonder Democrats are throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the Republicans in order to stop their success.

Our country is getting people back to work, eliminating many of the stifling regulations, putting money back in the pockets of taxpayers, rebuilding our military.

The Democrats, know all this is working and they will be hard pressed to elect Liberal Democrats in the coming elections. Our country now has the lowest rate of unemployment ever recorded for Blacks and Hispanics. Our economy is booming and the rate of the deficit increase is going down. Let’s have some cheers for the good guys.

Phil Cordes, Seymour

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