Throwback Thursday — May 24


The 1977 Seymour boys track and field team. Under first-year head coach John Chastain, the Owls won the sectional title and also took their first solo crown of the regional, which was held at Bulleit Stadium. The team went on to finish fourth in the state meet. At the end of the regional, the Owls’ record was 120-6. The varsity and reserve track team. Pictured are, first row from left, managers Kevin Campbell and Mike Hinton; second row from left, coach Chastain, coach Stewart Silver, Frank Hickam, Brian Thompson, Paul Risch, Paul Smith, Dave Wertz, Mickey Hercamp, coach Gary Gilber and coach Greg Ault; third row from left, Stu Shelton, Ron Northcutt, Jeff Anderson, Jay Thomas, Scott Ude, Shawn Sunbury, Mike McCoy, Ron Boxman, Dan Bottorff and Darryl McReynolds; fourth row from left Troy Bateman, Steve Vandivier, Rick Stickles, Ron Schneier, Lanny Smith, Ed Wolter, Stan Silver, Dean Dringenburg, John Schrader and Khris Pottschmidt; back row from left, Leo Hickam, Kevin Larrison, Jeff Hill, Barry Short, Tim Meyer, Kordy Reid, Dan Brewer, Keith Vanessen, Gary Weddell and Scott Thompson.

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