There’s no reason to fear if Jesus is in your heart

Jesus always wins — always, always, always.

He has all power and all authority. No power can stand against him. No curse can assault his throne.

I’ve learned a lot about spiritual warfare lately, and I’ve learned even more about the power of Jesus, and I’ve learned a lot about the power of his name.

Coming on the race, I expected spiritual warfare to be a common thing that I would experience. I have seen so much spiritual warfare throughout India, Nepal and Africa, but I never personally experienced it.

I believe spiritual warfare is a very controversial topic and one that isn’t spoken of much in the Western world. I only say that because when I was faced with these situations, I did not know how to act, what to do or what the next steps were, and that is simply because I had never been informed or taught on spiritual warfare.

But I will be the first to say it’s real, people. I’ve seen it and experienced it with my own body, heart and mind.

But here is what I learned. Because I have Jesus in my heart, I have no reason to fear. While it was a naturally scary situation, Jesus won. Fear is what Satan wanted, but the Lord gives me the honor of walking in power and authority over Satan. I am able to call on the name of Jesus, and he completely frees me. He allows me to walk in freedom. The Lord is powerful, and where he is, there is no room for Satan.

Because of Jesus, I am able to walk in complete boldness into some situations that Satan intends to be the scariest. Fear is an easy way for Satan to grab ahold of us, but during these times of experiencing spiritual warfare, I refused to let Satan have that victory.

I’ve learned that these kinds of situations require me to fully call on the name of the Lord and trust that he is going to protect.

Jesus wins. He protects. He frees. He is powerful. He is authoritative. He is above all things. He is above all powers. He is the ultimate king, and I am his beloved daughter.

I know that I was very vague about my experience, but when I return home, I would love to sit down and have some fruitful conversations to share my experience and talk about how good the Lord is.

Jesus wins.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.