Honor day conducted May 18 at Seymour High School

Seymour High School’s annual honor day program was Friday.

The program opened with Trent Hohenstreiter, senior class president, leading the Pledge of Allegiance.

The senior ensemble of Kelsey Baker, Madison Brackemyre, Anna Bullard, Bryse Colwell, Caroline Haag, Alex Huckelberry, Michael Lara-Enriquez, Bailey Lewis, Kylee Lewis, Annika Minton, Jami Nobbe, Jenna O’Neal, Darrion Smith, Kaylyn Stidham, J.C. Stuart and Jason Walker sang the National Anthem, followed by Principal Greg Prange’s welcome.

Community scholarships and special awards

Community Foundation of Jackson County

Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship: Anna Huff

Jay C Food Stores Scholarships: Megan Robertson, Makayla Kieser

Ruby and Floyd W. Martin Scholarship: Rebekah Franke

Frische Family Scholarship: Alan Perry

Kenneth N. and Helen Warbritton Memorial Scholarship: Claire Loebker

Charles Frederick Wolter Memorial Scholarship: Bryse Colwell

J. David Vandivier/Dicksons Scholarship: Dawson York

Bateman Engineering Scholarship: Tanner Kimble

Marcello Trumbo Seymour Alumni Scholarship: Chloe Bryden

E. Morton and Julia R. Lester Memorial Scholarship: Autumn Bontrager

St. Andrew United Methodist Church Scholarship: Trent Hohenstreiter

James Temple Thompson Memorial Scholarship: Anna Bullard

American Legion Family Scholarship: Michael Knecht

Duane Martin Vocational Scholarship: Zachary Ellerman

Marilyn Mellencamp Scholarship for the Arts: Elizabeth Baughman

Bob and Eileen Prather Memorial Scholarship: Jacob Joray

Marc Owen Chandler Memorial Scholarship: Emily Kleman

Laura Culp Memorial Scholarship: Victoria Snook

Gary E. Plumer Agriculture Memorial Scholarship: Kyle Claycamp

Dr. Charles Trumbo Scholarship: Molly Hayes

Seymour Firefighters Local 577 Scholarships: Brooke Knight, Jenna O’Neal

The Greater Seymour Trust Fund Jackson County Bank

Louis and Nellie Bauer Scholarship: Emily Zink

Willard and Anah Klakamp Scholarships: Grace Otte, Claire Loebker, Perry Collier

Lydia Mellencamp Nursing Scholarship: Sophia Gorman

Dallas Tyler Scholarship: Rebekah Franke

Mary Glasson Scholarships: Sophia Gorman, Connie Li, Michael Knecht, Jami Nobbe, Jenna O’Neal, Ashley Sargent, Anna Huff, Jenna Thomas, Kalee Wall

Brad A. Thompson Memorial Scholarships: Max Otte, Abigail Voss

Charles Forest Foster Memorial Scholarship: Max Otte

Cyril O. and Ora E. Story Scholarship: Alan Perry

Janette Johnson Deal Memorial Scholarship: Kaylyn Stidham

Make a Difference Scholarship Fund: Abigail Voss

Hamilton Township Alumni Scholarships: Anna Bullard, Jami Nobbe

Joseph and Luella Abell Charitable Trust Scholarships: Sophia Gorman, Morgan Hixson, Makayla Kieser, Claire Loebker, Abigail Voss, Kaylyn Stidham

John F. and Mary E. Shiel Trust Scholarships: Emily Zink, Grace Otte, Perry Collier, Brenna Bechelli

Gilbert Kovener Scholarship: Ethan Green

Patricia Woodard Tidd Scholarship: Ashley Sargent

Benjamin Everhart Memorial Scholarship: Michael Knecht

Lauren Bayon Brown Scholarship: Brenna Bechelli

Barney and Marguerite Scott Athletes Scholarship: Chloe Smith

Renee Hildreth Memorial Scholarship: Paige Feller

Blue & Co. Scholarships: Jacob Joray, Grace Otte

Aisin Scholarships: Emily Zink, Cooper Morrow

Schneck Medical Center Foundations/Allied Health Scholarship: Jami Nobbe

Kim Quilleon Varnell Junior Volunteer Memorial Scholarship: Bryse Colwell

Maurice and May Spray First Generation Scholarships: Grace Otte, Emmalynn Neal

A. F. Robertson Family Memorial Scholarships: Anna Bullard, Jami Nobbe, Makayla Kieser

Fraternal Order of Eagles Scholarships: Jacob Joray, Bryse Colwell

Purdue Club of Jackson County Scholarships: Chloe Bryden, Anna Bullard, Tiller Cummings, Connie Li, Carter Wait, Morgan Hixson, Cherish Bryant, Ethan Greene, Anna Huff, Katy Miller, Max Otte, Abigail Voss

National FFA Chevy Tough Truck Scholarship through Bob Poynter Chevy: Zackary Ellerman

Sertoma Scholarships: Bryse Colwell, Kaylyn Stidham, Sophia Gorman

Jackson Co. Masonic Lodge No. 146 Gary Wirt Scholarships: Non-Masonic: Anna Bullard, Bryse Colwell, Michael Knecht, Jami Nobbe, Kathryn Turner; Masonic: Aaron Ball, Madison Brackemyre, Tiller Cummings, Ty Gray, Annika Minton, Jadyn Ruble, Kaylyn Stidham

Jackson County Solid Waste Management Scholarships: Paige Feller, Rebekah Franke

Medora Landfill Scholarship: Bryse Colwell

IUPUC Scholarships: Chloe Smith, Alexis Williams

Seymour Noon Lions Club Scholarships: Ty McCory, Bryse Colwell

Rotary Club Scholarships: Alan Perry, Mia Strahl

John “Mooney” Vehslage Boys Club Scholarship: Jacob Joray

Girls Inc. Pauline McDougal Memorial Scholarships: Taylor Heckman, Mia Strahl

Girls Inc. Strong, Smart and Bold Scholarship: Alexis Williams

Jessica Barkman Sports Scholarships: Tennis camp: Madison Pifer; AAU basketball: Chloe Shepherd; Thunder Fastpitch travel softball: Carlee Robinson

American Red Cross Blood Young Minds Change Lives Educational Scholarship: Taylor Heckman

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post Leslie Arbuckle Zimmerman Scholarship: Meghan Black

Donald M. Winn Memorial Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 108 Scholarships: Jake Henley, Molly Hayes, Alexis Williams

Indiana Blood Bank: Emily Zink

Centra Credit Union: Makayla Kieser

Big O Tire Scholarship: Aaron Gabbard

Semper Fidelis: Dustin Morris, Chloe Bryden

Moose 418: Megan Robertson

Jackson County Pork Producers: Max Otte

Seymour Football Parents Club: Alan Perry, Kody Engleking

Alpha Beta Chapter Psi Iota Xi Academic Scholarships: Madison Pifer, Emily Kleman, Paige Feller

Alpha Beta Chapter Psi Iota Xi Band Clinic: William Rodenbeck

Alpha Beta Chapter Psi Iota Xi Summer Barbershop Quartet Camp: Brice Sipes, Johnny Isaacs, Bryce Hatton

Distinguished Young Women Scholarship (Warren Silvers Spirit Award): Jenna O’Neal

The Prudential Spirit of Community Award: Victoria Snook

Jackson Jennings Builder Association Scholarship: Hunter Jenkins

Seymour Education Association Scholarships: Alexis Williams, Rebekah Franke

Tri Kappa IU Summer Music Clinic: Harrison Cottrill, Gavyn Stagnolia

Seymour Special Education Parents Advisory Council: Ty Gray, Emily Kleman

Gertrude Burkhart Dobbins Scholarships: Kaylyn Stidham, Emmalynne Neal, Autumn Bontrager, Taylor Heckman, Shosei Ando

James B. Emily Scholarship: Max Otte

Boys State Delegate: Chance Russell

Knights of Pythias: Kaylyn Stidham

Harden/Koch Memorial Scholarship: Morgan Hixson

2018 AP Scholar Candidates

AP Scholars: Anna Bullard, Anna Huff

AP Scholar with Distinction: Connie Li

Other scholarships received by students

Madison Pifer: Franklin College Fine Arts Achievement Award; Franklin College Academic Merit

Molly Hayes: IU Provost Scholarship

Kathryn Turner: University of Evansville Athletic Scholarship, Dean’s Scholarship, Southern Glaziers Wine and Spirits

Madison Atha: IUPUI 21st Century

Champagne Lipaopao: IU Hudson & Holland Scholars Program

Autumn Bontrager: Indiana State President’s Academic Excellence Scholarship

Shosei Ando: University of Wyoming Symphony, Music State Scholarship & Talent Award, Music Lesson Fee Award, Edgar J. Lewis Scholarship, Rocky Mountain International, New World Youth Orchestra Emily Leyvand Scholarship

Nancy Lopez: Ivy Tech Hispanic/Latino Scholarship

Ty McCory: ISTA District Foundation Scholarship; The Tribune Outstanding Senior of the Month

Grace Otte: Franklin College Academic Scholarship; Franklin College M & R Johnson Endowed Scholarship

Perry Collier: IUPUI Honors College Chancellors Scholarship; Frank O’Bannon Grant; Decatur Mold Family Scholarship

Michael Knecht: Franklin Merit Scholarship

Hunter Jenkins: Toyota

Mackenzi Delph: Delta Theta

Other scholarships, classroom academics and activity awards

National Honor Society Senior Leadership: Anna Huff, Jacob Joray, Grace Otte

National Honor Society Cords: Andrea Axsom, Sydney Berman, Autumn Bontrager, Chloe Bryden, Anna Bullard, Bryse Colwell, Courtney Elkins, Rebekah Franke, Bailey Goben, Ethan Greene, Molly Hayes, Taylor Heckman, Morgan Hixson, Trent Hohenstreiter, Anna Huff, Sydney Johnson, Jacob Joray, Makayla Kieser, Emily Kleman, Michael Knecht, Brooke Knight, Connie Li, Champagne Lipaopao, Claire Loebker, Ty McCory, Annika Minton, Lily Mullis, Alexandra Nguyen, Jami Nobbe, Grace Otte, Alan Perry, Madison Pifer, Victoria Snook, Mia Strahl, Kathryn Turner, Alexis Williams

Visual Arts: Madison Pifer

Seymour High School Farm Agricultural Advisory Board Scholarships: Kyle Claycamp, Zackary Ellerman, Marshall Claycamp

National FFA Scholarship: Kyle Claycamp

Seymour Agriculture Department Intern: Kyle Claycamp

Outstanding SHS Business Department Senior: Ashley Sargent

Calculus Students Receiving Eight Semesters of A’s: Trent Hohenstreiter, Anna Huff, Makayla Kieser, Connie Li

Math Contest Awards: Trent Hohenstreiter, Yudai Murashige

Bilingual Certification: Nancy Lopez Garcia, Sergio Galicia Aparicio, Denise Lila Solis, Oriana Morales

Latin Club Scholarships: Lily Mullis, Jami Nobbe

C4 Awards: Nathaniel Claycamp, Payton Miskell, Sam Maxwell

JAG Graduation Incentive Scholarships: Alin Torres, Michael Lara-Enriquez, Brandon Colon, Nancy Lopez, Migdaliz Nieves, Denilson Lopez, Rebecca Sizemore, Suzannah Schofner, Rene Sendejo, Shawnna Reynolds, Adrianna Brooks, Justice Dyer, Kaylee Beed, Averie Brennan, Brieanna Brown, Jacob Browning, Katherine Cozart, Isiah Barnett, Rachel Hokoana-Yamaguchi, Jalen Hackman, Alexander Huckelberry, Kaleb Johnson, Haley Lawson, Quinton Martin, Jared Myers, Nicholas Perkins, Uriah Richardson, Madyson Ross, Jacob Schluckbier, Sierra Vojkufka, Jason Walker, Briley Wilcox

Renaissance Awards: Jacob Joray, Trent Hohenstreiter

Band Senior Plaques: Shosei Ando, Andrea Axsom, Aaron Ball, Elizabeth Baughman, Morgan Boas, Chloe Bryden, Arath Caceres, Abby Davis, Cassandra Degner (color guard only), Courtney Elkins, Sergio Galicia, Sophia Gorman, Jordan Grant, Molly Hayes, Morgan Hixson, May Huff, Connie Li, Denise Lila, Kyla Lipaopao, Nancy Lopez (color guard only), Ora Lovett, Josiah Massengale, Alexa McKinney, Katy Miller, Brayan Morales, Dustin Morris, Zech Newton, Scotty Nieves, Brayton Norman, Kenneth Redlin, Darrion Smith, Hannah Smith, Warren Vojkufka, Abigail Voss, Jacob Voss, Abby Wheeler

Senior Drum Major Awards: Sergio Galicia, Shosei Ando

Director’s Awards: Jacob Voss, Morgan Boas

Louis Armstrong Award: Sergio Galicia

Patrick Gilmore Improvement Awards: Brayton Norman, Abby Wheeler, Kenneth Redlin, Katy Miller

Semper Fidelis: Dustin Morris, Chloe Bryden

John Philip Sousa Award : Shosei Ando

Earl Prout Award: Jason Walker

Choral Director’s Award: Kylee Lewis

Senior Leadership Awards: Kaylyn Stidham, Annika Minton

Dedicated Senior Choral Service Award: Anna Bullard, Jami Nobbe

Outstanding Senior Choral Students Awards: Kelsey Baker, J.C. Stuart

Most Improved Choral Student: Jenna O’Neal

Excellence in Social Studies: Molly Hayes, Anna Huff, Connie Li, Alexandra Nguyen

All American High School Swimming Academic: Molly Hayes, Trent Hohenstreiter, Connie Li, Katie Turner, Emily Zink

Male Athletic Blanket Winners: Alan Perry, Trent Hohenstreiter, Ty McCory

Career Male Athlete: Alan Perry

Female Athletic Blanket Winner: Abigail Voss

Career Female Athlete: Kathryn Turner

Archery Scholarships: Courtney Elkins, Mia Strahl

Perfect Attendance for Four Years: Lily Mullis

Class of 2018 Rising Stars of Indiana: Tess Allman, Luke Champ, Michael Hodge, Payton Reasoner

Class of 2018 Scholar Candidates: Rebekah Franke, Molly Hayes, Trent Hohenstreiter, Anna Huff, Connie Li, Claire Loebker, Alexandra Nguyen, Alan Perry, Victoria Snook

Valedictorian/Salutatorian Candidates: Anna Huff, Connie Li