Voters heading to the polls Tuesday


Jackson County residents headed to the polls Tuesday to vote in the primary election will find several races on the ballot.

There have been no changes to poll locations, so voters should return to the poll site where they voted in the 2016 general election unless they have moved into another precinct.

The four-way battle for the Republican Party’s nomination for sheriff will come to a close in a campaign that began at about the time the 2017 Jackson County Fair got underway in late July.

That race features Bill Abbott, Rick Meyer and Charlie Murphy, all of Seymour, and Phil Nale of Brownstown. The winner will face Democrat Jeff Walters of Seymour in the Nov. 6 general election.

The five sheriff’s candidates spent $39,680.80 from Jan. 1, 2017, through April 20, 2018, in an attempt to woo voters, according to the required campaign finance report on file at the clerk’s office in the courthouse in Brownstown.

The four GOP candidates have spent $36,805.80 of that figure while seeking the party’s nomination. Walters, who is running unopposed for the Democratic nomination, spent $2,875.60 from Jan. 1, 2018, to April 18, 2018.

Murphy has spent the most at $16,820.28, while Abbott is the only candidate that has not received contributions and has personally financed his $6,686.49 campaign.

Meyer has spent $9,145.91 on campaign signs, materials, advertising and other items.

Nale has spent the least amount of the Republicans at $3,653.12 and has financed his campaign personally with the exception of $200 in contributions.

The race may be the leading factor for an increase in early voting. As of Wednesday, 1,108 people have voted at courthouses in Brownstown and Seymour. That compares to the 685 early votes in the 2014 primary election.

There also is a race for the Jackson Township trustee. Incumbent Jackson Township Trustee Bill Marsh will square off against Linda Auleman of Seymour, who is wrapping up her second term as county recorder. The recorder is limited by the state constitution to two terms. Marsh is finishing up his sixth four-year term.

The District 3 county commissioner’s seat pits incumbent Matt Reedy of Freetown against newcomer Roger Bane of Medora. Reedy is finishing up his second four-year term. District 3 includes Carr, Owen, Salt Creek and Pershing townships, but all voters in Jackson County will select the nominee.

There also are Republican and Democratic primary races for the District 2 county council seat, which is presently held by Republican Leon Pottschmidt.

The district includes all of Driftwood, Grassy Fork, Vernon and Washington townships and Jackson 3 South and Jackson 4 South precincts.

The Democratic primary in that race features Lenvel “Butch” Robinson of Crothersville and Barry Stuckwisch of Seymour, while Mark Hackman and Mark Pardieck, both of Seymour, will vie for the Republican party’s nomination.

There’s also a race for Owen Township trustee, and voters will chose between Frank Fisher of Norman and Karen Branaman Wagoner of Medora.

Republican voters in Jackson County also will see races for two of the county’s state House races.

A three-way race for House District 69 will see incumbent Jim Lucas of Seymour — first elected in 2012 — squaring off against Seymour Republican Nancy Franke and Columbus Republican Charles Johnson.

Franke is a familiar opponent for Lucas, as she challenged him in the 2016 primary. Her efforts came up short with Lucas winning 60.5 percent of the vote.

The winner of that race will face Elizabethtown Democrat Steve Schoettmer in the fall.

House District 73 also will see a primary challenge, as incumbent Steve Davisson of Salem, who was elected in 2010, will face off against Buford L. DeWitt of Paoli.

Republicans statewide will have three options for a U.S. Senate seat that’s up for grabs. The ballot features candidates Mike Braun, a businessman from Jasper, Sixth District Congressman Luke Messer and Fourth District Congressman Todd Rokita.

The winner will face incumbent Democrat Joe Donnelly, who is seeking a second term after being elected in 2012.

Democrats also will pick the party’s nominee for the Ninth Congressional District seat between Dan Canon of New Albany and Rob Chatlos and Liz Watson, both of Bloomington.

The winner of that race will face incumbent Republican Trey Hollingsworth of Jeffersonville, who is finishing his first two-year term. Hollingsworth is being challenged by James Dean Alspach.

County Clerk Amanda Lowery, who is in charge of running the election, said there are about 135 poll workers for the 30 precincts that will be located at 27 polling locations.

She said she has conducted seven poll worker training sessions.

“I hope things go smooth and people turn out,” she said. “We put in a lot of time and effort into the elections. Voting gives people a chance to make their voice heard.”

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2018 primary election ballot

U.S. Senate

Joe Donnelly (D)

Mike Braun (R)

Luke Messer (R)

Todd Rokita (R)

U.S. representative — Ninth District

James Dean Alspach (R)

Dan Canon (D)

Liz Watson (D)

Trey Hollingsworth (R)

State Senate, District 43

Clyde A. “Chip” Perfect Jr. (R)

State Senate, District 45

John Perkins (D)

Chris Garten (R)

State representative, District 65

Chris D. May (R)

Jared Stancombe (D)

State representative, District 69

Steve Schoettmer (D)

Nancy L. Franke (R)

Charles Johnson (R)

Jim Lucas (R)

Steven Buffington (L)

State representative, District 73

Steve Davisson (R)

Buford L. DeWitt (R)

Jackson County clerk

Melissa Elkins Hayes (R)

Jackson County assessor

Katie Kaufman (R)

Jackson County commissioner, District 3

Roger L. Bane (R)

Matt Reedy (R)

Jackson County Council, District 1

Catherine “Cathy” Stuckwisch (D)

Michael Davidson (R)

Jackson County Council, District 2

Barry Stuckwisch (D)

Lenvel “Butch” Robinson (D)

Mark Hackman (R)

Mark Pardieck (R)

Jackson County Council, District 3

Mary Voss Burgmeier (D)

Brian H. Thompson (R)

Jackson County Council, District 4

Mandy Ward (D)

Kari Luedeman Storey (R)

Jackson County recorder

Clifford L. Sommers (D)

Amanda Cunningham Lowery (R)

Jackson County sheriff

Jeffrey Walters (D)

William V. “Bill” Abbott (R)

Rick Meyer (R)

Charlie Murphy (R)

Phil Nale (R)

Jackson Circuit Court judge

Richard W. Poynter (R)

Brownstown 1 Democratic precinct committeeman

Robert Millman

Brownstown East Democratic precinct committeeman

Charlotte Sellers

Carr Democratic precinct committeeman

Mary Ann Ault

Grassy Fork Democratic precinct committeeman

Jeanette Hackman

Jackson 2 East Democratic precinct committeeman

Jan Sullivan

Jackson 3 South Democratic precinct committeeman

Ollie Knott

Jackson 4 North Democratic precinct committeeman

Gary L. Colglazier

Jackson 4 South Democratic precinct committeeman

Tammy Riordan

Jackson 5 East Democratic precinct committeeman

Dan Colglazier

Jackson 5 North Democratic precinct committeeman

John Steele Burkhart

Jackson 6 Democratic precinct committeeman

Ken Tormoehlen

Jackson 7 Democratic precinct committeeman

Rita Hinners

Pershing Democratic precinct committeeman

Jimmie-Lou Ault

Redding East Democratic precinct committeeman

Patricia L. Hercamp

Redding West Democratic precinct committeeman

Lesley A. Reuter

Vernon Crothersville Democratic precinct committeeman

NaLona Deputy Bush

Vernon South Democratic precinct committeeman

Eunice M. Lacey

Republican convention delegate

Natasha A. Langford

Jackson County prosecutor

AmyMarie Travis (R)

Township boards


Conner J. Barnette (R)

Angela Blann (R)

Jack R. Gillespie (R)


Mary Ann Ault (D)

Joe K. Campbell (D)

Sharon Ingle (R)


John Hartley (R)

Grassy Fork

Stan D. Darlage (D)

Janette Elliott (R)

Craig L. Klinge (D)


George Mellencamp (D)

Donald Schnitker (R)

Howard Wente (R)


Alicia Colglazier (D)

Larry K. Sunbury (R)

Erin Meadors (L)


Jack E. Gilbert (R)

Justyn Underwood (R)


Thomas Ault (D)

Todd Brumfield (R)

Doyle Lyon (R)

Joe McDermid (R)


Patricia L. Hercamp (D)

David “Dave” Merry (D)

Max Noblitt (D)

Sara Cunningham (R)

Giles W. Spaulding (R)

Salt Creek

Judy Goforth (D)

Larry Smallwood (D)

Clifford P. Kirts (R)

Toby Laney (R)


Odes Densford (D)

Tyler Goodpaster (R)

Allene Hougland (D)

Roger Teipen (R)


Richard Darlage (D)

Alan J. Pollert (D)

Richard Stuckwisch (D)

Township trustees


Jennifer Saucerman Isaacs (R)


George Patrick “Pat” Bahan (D)

Steve Ingle (R)


Charles E. “Chuck” Lowery (R)

Grassy Fork

Parke Hackman (D)


Staci Lambring Eglen


Linda Auleman (R)

John Steele Burkhart (D)

William “Bill” Marsh (R)


Frank Fisher (R)

Karen Branaman Wagoner (R)


Sharon K. Yost (R)


Conrad E. Calmer (D)

Salt Creek

Floyd E. Fisher (R)


E. Scott Kovener (D)


Sharon Reedy (D)

What you’ll need: A license or state-issued identification

What you won’t need: Campaign materials, including shirts and clothing, hats, buttons, pens and other materials. Items must be concealed or left outside the polling site.

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Anyone planning to vote on Election Day must be a registered voter and have a valid government-issued identification with a photograph, and it must be current through the last general election (Nov. 8, 2016). It can be a driver’s license, a passport or any identification issued by the state or federal government.

Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles license branches will be open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday to issue identification cards and driver’s licenses that may be used for identification at a polling place. Branches also will be open from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday.

The license branches only will process new, amended or replacement identification cards, driver’s licenses and learner permits.

The BMV provides free state-issued identification cards for voting purposes to any unlicensed Hoosier as long as he or she can provide proper documentation and will be at least 18 years of age on or before the next general or municipal election.

A complete list of documents required to obtain a new state identification card or driver’s license may be found at


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