Letter: Letter Rick Poynter


To the editor:

For the past several months, several people in the community have approached me and asked who I intended to support in the race for Sheriff and why.

For the past 12 years, I have refused to publicly endorse any local candidate for public office. However, this year I have decided to publicly endorse Deputy Rick Meyer to become the next Sheriff of Jackson County.

I have known Deputy Rick Meyer since we both played teen league baseball back in the 1980’s and throughout the years we attended Seymour High School.

My support for Deputy Meyer is not based upon my experiences with Deputy Meyer as a teenager but my experience with him as a law enforcement officer.

As the Judge of the Jackson County Circuit Court, I presided over the criminal case in which Deputy Meyer was shot twice while on the job on May 8, 2014. The professional manner in which Deputy Meyer himself when he was shot represented the best in law enforcement.

Character shows itself when a person is put through the test in life. Deputy Meyer’s character showed on May 8, 2014 and continues to show today.

Deputy Meyer embodies what it truly means to put one’s life on the line in the service of others. Deputy Meyer has served our community as a law enforcement officer for over 17 years. He has the experience, the character and the commitment it takes to become a great sheriff.

I encourage all voters to give their support to Deputy Rick Meyer and to show that support on May 8th in the Republican Primary.

Judge Rick Poynter

Jackson County Circuit Court

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