Warmer weather brings memories, longing for fishing season

It’s almost time to wet a line.

I’m talking about that itch some of us get around this time of year. The snow has melted. The days are just a little warmer than they once were.

The sun is taking its time warming the water of your favorite fishing hole. It’s a time that brings back past memories of fishing with Grandpa and family along the riverbank when all you had was a can of worms you dug from your mom’s flower bed. A cane pole was all you knew, and a cork bobber being drug under by a river perch was just as exciting as the moon landing to a young boy.

Yes, it’s almost time, ladies and gentlemen, to venture out into the surrounding area and try our luck at fishing, to escape our everyday stresses and once again become grounded in God’s creation.

We are very fortunate to live in the area we do, the beautiful place that is Indiana. If you love the outdoors like I do, there is no a greater pleasure than seeing the sunrise come up while you’re getting ready to set out for a fishing trip.

It matters not if you are sitting on the bank of a lake, river or stream or skimming across Monroe or Patoka lake at 60 mph in a tricked-out bass boat. I think it is good and beneficial for a person to look up into that sunrise and for a moment feel small.

I would encourage you if you’re able to make it out this year to visit one of the local parks or campgrounds. The smell of a campfire in July does wonders for the soul. Remember, it’s the simple things.

You may be unaware, but one of the most tried and true fishing lures ever made, in my opinion, just happens to be made right here in southern Indiana.

I’m speaking of the Touchdown Lure Co. Founded in 1974, it really has been around the block more than a few times. It’s unknown just how many bass tournaments have been won on their lures, but I can speak from personal experience that they have saved me from going home empty-handed on the water many times.

I’ve always held close to the “buy local” mentality. Don’t let the local aspect or the familiarity of something fool you. The allure that their prerigged worm has on bass located all over North America is at times mind-blowing. It’s the perfect bait for someone wanting numbers or for a kid’s first time out.

I can remember as a kid walking around the lake located at Ceraland Park in the summer, a body of water that seen a tremendous amount of fishing pressure at the time. The slow reel of this worm was just too much for the bass to resist. I can tell you looking back, it made this little kid’s day.

So if you’re able to take a kid fishing, pass the love you have for angling on to them. I think this lure might be what you’ve been looking for in fishing. A little secret between you and I would be fishing it near or in grass.

Many go fishing their entire lives without knowing it is not the fish they are after.

Stay safe out there, and tight lines to ya.

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