How do we know where we stand with God?


Can a person really know where they stand with an invisible God? If so, how do you know?

People have a variety of answers to that question. Some think it can’t happen. They say it’s impossible to know where you stand with God.

Others try to connect it with the deeds that they do thinking their right standing with God comes as a result of good works. Others think it is all about inheritance.

In fact, by the time Jesus showed up, the Jews even said to Jesus, “We don’t need you. We are Abraham’s sons. We are Abraham’s daughters. It’s enough to be the child of Abraham.” Their idea was that a right relationship to God was all about who you’re related to.

People always try to put their spin on it. We try to add to what God has said. One group says, “You have to become Jewish and keep the whole Law of Moses.” Another says, “You can’t keep the Law of Moses. You don’t even know the Law of Moses.” And somebody else says, “You just have to believe.”

The church has been split over this issue of how you have a right standing with God. How do you know when God says, “You’re approved?” How do you know when he says, “You’re in. All is well?” How do you know when you have done enough or believed enough? Is it even possible to know? And if it is, how do you know?

Is it easy for you to embrace the idea that the starting point for our relationship with God is as simple as faith or does it need to be faith plus something else?

Four thousand years ago, God saw the mess we had made, and he revealed the truth to Abraham. He made the standard so simple. He placed the bottom rung on the ladder low enough that anyone could reach it.

God made it clear that the way that you enter a relationship with him, where he will call us righteous and approved, is not through birth, and it is not through our behavior.

God accepts us based on what we believe. The starting point for a relationship with God really is as simple as faith and faith alone.

Have you personally gotten started on your own journey of faith? It can begin today. Faith has to start somewhere.

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