Loyal Devoir Society Meeting


President Paula Stafford welcomed 20 members to the March 27 meeting of the Loyal Devoir Society of Central Christian Church in Seymour.

She thanked Group 3 for refreshments and the colorful spring Easter decorations.

Becky Brewer gave devotions using John 12:20 as her reference and closed with prayer.

Betty Guinn gave the treasurer’s report, and the minutes were read. Both were approved for January and February. She read thank-you notes from Matt and Lisa Wieneke for the Christmas dinner and gift card. The other note was from the Sertoma Club of Jackson County for a donation.

The audit of the books was fine.

Bonnie Koontz will be setting a date for sales at the church later.

Janice Brock bought trays for the warmer in the kitchen.

The group’s bake sale is May 9 with a freewill offering. Members are to bring three items to the church after noon. A work schedule will be decided at the April meeting.

The Delta Kappa Gamma dinner is at 6 p.m. May 15. Janice Brock will plan the menu and present it at the April meeting. She also offered to do the shopping.

A schedule was presented for volunteers to sign and bring two dozen cookies to the welcome center for visitors to the church on various Sundays.

The meeting was closed with the Mizpah Benediction.

Paula Stafford demonstrated how to make bunnies from large dish cloths and decorate them.

The next meeting is April 24 with leader Linda Rumph.

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