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To the editor:

After reading the editorial of April 4 related to President Trump’s proposal of a death penalty for drug dealers, I find myself stunned concerning the point of view the writer has on this topic.

The writer seems more determined to belittle the president with some snarky yet disconnected comparisons of drug dealing to that of a drunk driver or tobacco companies or perhaps a manufacturer of a faulty product that leads to loss of life, all of which have no connection whatsoever. How lame. How misguided. And how typical of the opinions distributed by the Hoosier State Press Association.

Does not the writer understand that distributing and dealing drugs is illegal? It is intentionally breaking the law.

We all understand illegal drugs are destroying our country one family at a time. Our very survival is at stake as a nation because of the drug trade. Seymour is no different than any other city or town, large or small, regarding this issue.

Those of us who have had our families impacted by the drug trade know all too well the tragedy inflicted by those who willingly defy our laws, breach our borders and are oblivious to the impact of their actions. This has to stop, and we are angry. We are crying out for something to be done.

President Trump has been specific in his desire to take on the opioid epidemic head-on. In my view, he is starting at the source, which is the illegal drug trafficking primarily originating with the Mexican cartels and the destructive heroin and cocaine trade. And as such, the president recently announced he is considering placing the military in charge of securing the border in part to stem the illegal drug trade. Bravo, Mr. President. It’s about time.

Your editorial writer made a “brilliant” point when he said a death penalty would only cause drug dealers to resort to “more desperate measures” to avoid arrest. Please, let’s not make them mad. They might become violent. Really? Is that not what we are already seeing in our communities? Please don’t insult our intelligence.

Lastly, the writer challenges the president to go to the root of the problem rather than pumping up the “attendant violence.” I would argue the president is doing exactly that through his aforementioned proposals. That is true leadership. Thank you, Mr. President. Let’s make America sober again.

Curt Nichols


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