Seymour offers spring cleaning event


The city will offer its annual spring cleaning event when the Department of Public Works conducts Make Seymour Shine next week.

The program starts Monday and runs through April 13.

Make Seymour Shine has been popular among local residents and offers a time to clear the house, garage, attic, shed or yard. The Greater Seymour Chamber of Commerce’s beautification committee organized the first Make Seymour Shine week in 1981. It was conducted April 21 to 25 of that year.

“It helps get everything cleaned up for spring when we’re getting ready for the summer months,” said Bill Everhart, director of the Seymour Department of Public Works. “It helps residents have an avenue to get rid of the stuff that has accumulated over the course of a year and spruce their properties up.”

The city will collect appliances, scrap metal, furniture, yard waste, trash and recyclable materials free of charge.

Residents should set items and yard waste out on their regularly scheduled trash day.

The department will pick up vehicles as long as the owner has the title and makes arrangements with the city to pick them up.

If residents have a load of items and yard waste greater than a truckload, they need to make arrangements with the department.

Everhart asked that residents separate trash, metal, landscape debris and wood materials from each other to make it more efficient for crews to pick up.

The city also will take and dispose of containers that are 30 gallons or less holding materials for crews to take.

“We’ll just assume they’re putting them out there for the container to be taken, too,” he said.

The city won’t pick up hazardous materials, oil-based paints, insecticides or pesticides.

“They can bring those items to the recycling center at Freeman Field,” he said.

The department will pick up electronics but will charge a $20 fee to pick up televisions, computers or any electronic device with a monitor. Arrangements must be made ahead of time.

The Jackson County Recycling District no longer offers electronics recycling because of the costs. During the 2017 Make Seymour Shine, the district spent $27,000 to recycle more than 1,300 televisions, director Debbie Hackman said.

“We can’t afford to do it anymore,” she said.

Hackman said the district is offering paper shredding events in Seymour and Brownstown this spring.

Seymour’s event will be from 9 a.m to noon April 21 at RE/MAX, 1403 E. Tipton St., for Jackson County residents, while Brownstown’s will take place from 9 to 11 a.m. May 4 on Cross Street behind Subway.

Items collected throughout the week are recycled if they’re able, and nonrecyclable materials are put in the landfill.

Wood and lawn debris are converted into landscaping mulch the city offers.

In 2017, the department collected 91.7 tons of material during Make Seymour Shine.

The week saves residents money because the city doesn’t charge the fees it normally would, Everhart said.

“Normally, throughout the year, there’s a cost that varies depending on how many hours it takes and what kind of equipment we have to use to pick it up,” he said. “For Make Seymour Shine, there’s no cost.”

With a department of 42 employees, the week does not call for additional workers.

“In one way or another, all the employees are contributing to Make Seymour Shine,” Everhart said.

Hackman said people should keep in mind not to throw away confidential or personal information during Make Seymour Shine.

Medications also should not be left out for disposal.

“Keep in mind all the things you can recycle,” she said, adding cans, paper and plastic bottles should always be recycled.

Hackman said people also need to be mindful of recycling cardboard boxes after they order items online.

“It helps keep the prices down and helps save trees,” she said.

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Make Seymour Shine starts Monday and runs through April 13.

Items are collected by the Seymour Department of Public Works.

Set items out on your regular trash day, and the city will pick up free of charge (up to one pickup load).

Items accepted include:

Appliances and scrap metal (including with Freon)


Yard waste (bagged or set in container)

Wood items

Latex paint (must be dried with cat litter, sawdust or oil dry)

Used passenger car tires (four per household, no semi or agriculture truck tires)

Cars (must have titles and make arrangements with DPW)

Not accepted but can be dropped off at DPW, 865 F Ave. East, Seymour:

Household hazardous waste, including pesticides, old fuels, cleaner and oil-based paint. Hours to drop off are 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday.

Items accepted for a $20 fee (fee charged per item):

Electronics, televisions, computers and monitors

Information: 812-524-1100


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