What the Lord taught me in Malawi

I recently took an 11-hour flight to Brazil, where I hopped on a plane to head to Peru and then to Ecuador for the remaining three months of the race.

As I sat and reflected on the last two months of my life, I can’t seem to find the words. The only words I can find are “Jesus is so good.” Each month continually gets better, and it is so true when they say, “The best is yet to come.”

This is only the beginning of what the Lord is doing in my life, even though a sweet season just ended. The Lord rocked my heart in Malawi. That country will forever have a chunk of my heart. It was hard to leave. It was hard to leave what the Lord had done and what he was just starting to do, but I fully believe the Lord’s timing is perfect, and I leave with the confidence I will be back one day, and these aren’t goodbyes, they are “see ya laters.”

So what is the Lord actually teaching me? The Lord did so much in my heart over the last two months, and I want to be super-vulnerable and share that with you guys. These are only a few of the things he taught me but some of the biggest.

The Lord taught me that a relationship with him doesn’t have to be all serious but that it can be fun. He taught me how to be vibrant in a relationship with him, to have fun with him. That worship doesn’t always have to be a serious time but a time of praising him however that looks to us.

The Lord taught me how to walk in my freedom and how to rely on him for strength in order to do that.

He taught me that not knowing what’s next is OK.

The Lord taught me that sometimes, he answers prayers in a way that we didn’t expect. I prayed for uncomfortability in Malawi (thinking physically), but he gave me uncomfortability spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

The Lord taught me how to receive his grace and to show myself grace.

He taught me what it looks like to walk in humility.

He taught me that sometimes, we just need to take some time to thank him for everything he has done instead of continually asking him for things.

The Lord is a sweet provider.

The Lord meets us exactly where we are at. On days when we aren’t strong, he is strong for us. On days when we aren’t enough, he is enough for us. On days when we fail, he wins for us.

The Lord also taught me so much about prayer. When we don’t pray, we are missing out on an opportunity to see the Lord’s goodness and his power. Our eyes aren’t fully open to what the Lord is doing. When we don’t pray, we aren’t hurting the Lord. We are hurting ourselves by missing out on an opportunity to see the Lord move and to see him work.

When we don’t pray for things, it doesn’t mean the Lord isn’t working.

When I don’t meet expectations or goals, it doesn’t mean I have failed. It just means there is room for more growth.

Lastly, there is a season for everything, and each season is going to look different with the Lord. Just as any relationship, our relationship with the Father changes, too. Some seasons, we will connect with him certain ways. In other seasons, we won’t connect with him that way. But that is OK because he gives us exactly what he knows we will need.

These are a few of the things the Lord has taught me, several of which I am still working through today.

Malawi, you were a sweet place. It’s time for Ecuador.

Keia Blair is a Seymour native who attends Cincinnati Christian University. During her nine-month mission trip around the world, she is submitting a series of blogs that will appear in The Tribune. Send comments to [email protected].