Crothersville intersection now a 3-way stop



Preston Street in Crothersville has two more stop signs in hopes of slowing traffic near the school building.

Motorists traveling southeast and northwest now have to stop at the intersection of Preston and Howard streets.

The new stop signs recently were put in place with red reflective strips underneath them to make drivers aware.

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Previously, the only stop sign was where Howard Street comes to a “T” with Preston Street across from the main entrance to Crothersville Junior-Senior High School.

In November, Crothersville Police Department Chief Brent Turner proposed changing it to a three-way stop after he was grazed by a mirror on a vehicle while standing in the street directing traffic in front of the school.

In the morning on school days, a police officer stands on Preston Street to help children safely cross the street to go to school. They wear a black vest over their uniform with the word “police” in reflective yellow on the front and back.

Some mornings, though, it’s still dark outside when kids are coming to school, and the police officers’ dark clothing makes it hard for some people to see them.

Town council members and Crothersville Junior-Senior High School Principal Adam Robinson were in favor of the change because it will slow traffic down and make it safer for students using the crosswalks.

Robinson estimated at least 30 percent of the student body uses this intersection to gain access to school grounds.

“I couldn’t be happier with the decision to make the intersection a three-way stop,” Robinson said. “We have been incredibly pleased with the work that our elementary staff and local law enforcement has done with creating a safe crosswalk at this intersection; however, with the installation of a few stop signs, we will be able to use these staff members in other ways to ensure a safe and orderly school system.”

Town attorney Jeff Lorenzo recently wrote an ordinance for the three-way stop. An ordinance was required because penalties will be in effect for those who fail to stop at the intersection.

During a March 6 meeting, the town council approved the first reading of the ordinance and then suspended the rules to have the second reading and approved it, too.

That allowed town employees to place the stop signs Friday.

The reflective strips are below the stop signs now, but lights may be added soon to better warn drivers.

People used to park along the street in that area when there were events at the school, but that no longer will be allowed 30 feet from the stop signs.

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