Letter: State will be safer without open carry


To the editor:

Most country girls have had introduction to firearms 101. Mine came at age 10, when one of the country boys became the proud owner of a rifle.

When he learned I had never shot a gun, he offered a lesson loading, cocking and sighting in as two birds flew by. Aim, pull the trigger, and wow. Lucky shot; I made the first shot. Is that sporting?

We watched as the surprised bird tried to flap a wing, could not and spiraled to the ground. The bird’s mate circled back. They fell beyond our vision. So filled with guilt and remorse at my hurtful, unequal use of power, I have never again shot a gun in all my years. I remain a staunch opponent to use of guns by any but law enforcement officers.

In my opinion, Indiana will be safer in churches, schools and all public places if we have no part of “open carry.”

Nor do I support any plan to deal with wildlife over population by herding animals into pens so hunters can enjoy cruel sport. Let conservationists decide best measures to maintain wild places.

One definition of insanity has been to repeat the same behavior over and over, expecting a different outcome. We tried “open carry” in the Civil War days. Have we not evolved?

Two researches are the subject of a book “The Deconstruction Project.” It is humorous in spots, but my personal opinion is the researchers, trying to learn how people choose leaders, came to the conclusion that our technological abilities have advanced far more rapidly than our genetic inheritance of emotions and hormones.

So while we humans have emotional genetic similarity to those of jungle rats, our advances in technology enable us to possibly destroy all life on earth with the push of a few buttons. That raises the importance of “words to live by.”

We can start by listening to those good students in Florida who are speaking loudly for step one gun control.

Legislators, can you hear us now?

Nancy Wolter


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