We’re sinners, not just mistaken


When we think of sin, we typically think of condemnation. That is why we don’t like to talk about sin. We prefer to think of ourselves as mistakers instead of sinners.

But when Jesus talked about sin, his goal was restoration, not condemnation. So how would it change things for you to embrace this understanding?

When we talk about sin, we feel so bad about ourselves. We feel condemned. But Jesus says we have to talk about sin. In fact, our relationship with God can’t be restored until we’re willing to admit the fact that we’re not just mistakers, we are sinners.

Isn’t it true that we are more likely to come to Jesus for restoration than we are to be condemned? We already get enough condemnation from ourselves and everyone else. Restoration can only come from Christ.

Here’s why this is so important. As long as you just think you’re just making mistakes, you will never seek the thing you need the most. Because if sin breaks relationships, then forgiveness restores relationships.

Here’s how we approach it. You might have experienced this in your marriage or with your kids or in some other relationship.

Somebody did something that was just dead wrong. You confronted them. They said, “I’m sorry.” How restored is that relationship? Is it suddenly all good just because someone said they were sorry? Of course not. Just being sorry doesn’t restore relationships.

As long as you think you are a mistaker, you will never seek forgiveness because mistakes do not require forgiveness. You do not have to forgive somebody for making a mistake.

Saying, “I am sorry” is fine if you made a mistake, but damaging the relationship is a bigger deal. And the only way for a relationship to be restored is for the offender to acknowledge the fact that there was an offense.

The primary relationship that is broken by sin is our relationship with God. Our Heavenly Father wants you and me to be restored to him, and the only way to be restored is to seek forgiveness.

And the only way we’ll seek forgiveness is if we realize we didn’t just make a mistake, we sinned. And even though that is not the end, it is a means to a very important end that you cannot get to any other way.

We’ll pick up there next week. We’ll see how Jesus pulled back the veil and he revealed the truth about all of us, then he offered an amazing solution that can change your life forever.

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