Letter: Letter to the Editor, Gene Emily


To the editor:

Remember the great Majestic Theater and now it’s gone, then it was the Stardust Drive-in, then they had to tear down the Shields High School and then went the Walton Hotel. And we get a million dollar plus sign.

Now they want to make another mistake and put a park downtown where trains will be going 45 or more miles per hour. Can you imagine your child or grandchild playing there and sitting on a bench and the trains jump the track, or working at the Seymour paper and two trains collide and one train is going that fast, plus no crossing guards.

This is pure insanity, the mayor and city council should go to the state and get those trains to slow down before a real tragedy occurs. Remember this is going through downtown not on the outskirts and what about the Oktoberfest crowds.

Seymour is a beautiful town and I love trains. We’ve seen what fires can do, Brown Chevrolet, Union Hardware, Robertson Mill, Gold Mine and the last one on second street, just imagine what a train wreck could do. Amtrak had new tracks and new trains and it still happened.

Gene Emily


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