Letter: Pedestrians should obey traffic laws


To the editor:

Recently when traveling east on State Road 50 (East Tipton Street) I saw a couple standing in the turning lanes and each was pushing a baby buggy. It was in the middle of the block and, immediately, all cars in both directions stopped until they crossed safely. Needless to say, this could have had a much more tragic ending.

Today while traveling east on that same road, I witnessed a young man walking in the turning lanes, (in the middle of the block) with cars rushing by in both directions.

These turning lanes were designed to allow motorists to make a left-hand turn safely without tying up traffic behind them. They are turning lanes for motorists — not sidewalks for pedestrians.

Please obey the rules of the road to prevent a tragic accident. Motorists cannot always see far enough ahead to see pedestrians in that lane when pulling out to make a legal turn.

Please, pedestrians, use the sidewalks and, if you must cross this busy highway, walk across at the intersection where there is a stoplight.

Thank you.

Genevieve Ruddick


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