Owls athlete learning in first wrestling season


Seymour wrestling Coach Todd Weaver recalled that prior to the current wrestling season, Dorian Borom came to his room one day, told him his name and said he was interested in wrestling.

“I didn’t know what else to do,” Borom said. “I was always a fighter and I couldn’t fight in school, of course, unless I did wrestling.”

Borom is in his first year as a student at Seymour. He previously attended Bloomington North and Edgewood high schools, and did some boxing in Bloomington.

“I was pretty new at this,” he said, admitting he had never seen a high school wrestling match prior to this season. “I thought I was really going to do some WWE stuff, but that was different.”

Borom became motivated when he started practices and began to wrestle in matches.

“I never knew I could do so much,” Borom said. “It’s just incredible how much you learn, how much your body can go through, and how much you can push yourself.

“That’s what I like about this season.”

Borom, who has wrestled in the 220-pound weight class throughout the season, had 20 wins going into the Hoosier Hills Conference Tournament this past weekend, and he placed fifth in his class at the tournament at Jeffersonville.

“I try to get my opponent tired as much as possible, get them moving,” Borom said. “I look for a way to get to his legs. I like doing double leg blast, picking them up and slamming them.”

He said getting the first takedown is very important in a match.

“When you feel like you’re in control, they think that way,” Borom said. “They think you’re going to be in control the whole time. It depends on how you act and your motivation.”

Borom said when he’s on top, “I just try to break them down. I do an arm bar or control their hands. When I’m on the bottom I sit out. I’m big, but for some reason I’m quick, especially from my boxing skills.

“I’m quick on my feet and everything. The bigger guys don’t expect that.”

He said he likes that high school matches are three 2-minute periods but wishes they were longer.  He said he has had a few overtime matches this season and the key is not be give up any points in the extra periods.

Borom said he has enjoyed the schedule, especially the tournaments where he has wrestled up to five times in a day. “I like where we wrestle five times in a day. That just keeps me up to keep going.”

The managers tape all the matches, and Borom likes to look as his matches, especially when he is wrestling an opponent for the second time so he can figure out what he needs to improve on.

In recalling a recent match he lost, Borom said, “I’ve seen what I did wrong. I simply did not get up. He had no control of me, I had control of him. All he had to do was swing that arm around.

“You’ve got to plan ahead, because if one thing doesn’t go right you’ve got to have another. It’s about strategy and planning.”

He said he is glad he chose to wrestle and wants to stay involved.

Borom and the Owls will compete in the sectional at Jennings County on Saturday.

“I’m expecting to go against some hard people that want to take my place,” Borom said.

He said he has enjoyed attending Seymour.

“There is a lot open (class choices) and a lot of time for extra help during power hour and stuff,” Borom said. “I’m glad I’m here and stepped up to wrestle. It’s kind of hard, but you get through.”

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Name: Dorian Borom

School: Seymour High School

Parent: Tiffany Shields

Siblings: Tianna, Contrell

Sports: Wrestling, one year

Plans after high school: Attend college

Favorite food: Pizza

Favorite TV show: “Arrow”

Favorite movie: “X-Men”


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