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The new year is here, and it’s time to start thinking about what you can do to make 2018 your best year yet.

But instead of setting the same old resolutions, Project You in Seymour is inviting women of all ages to relax and envision what goals they want to achieve.

To set the right tone, Project You founder Kelley Gillaspy is inviting the community to take part in a Yoga, Vision Board and Goal Setting Workshop from 1 to 4 p.m. Sunday at the Project You studio at 209 E. Second St.

Cost is $30. Poster boards, glue sticks, scissors and magazines will be provided. Signup is available through Project You’s website at project

For the first half-hour, participants will have the chance to learn and take part in gentle yoga and relaxation to warm up. They will spend the rest of the afternoon creating a visual goals board to use and reflect on throughout the year.

Using magazines, each woman will cut out images and words to create a poster board of wants, desires and goals for 2018. By visualizing and displaying goals, people are more likely to achieve them, Gillaspy said.

“You’re creating your reality,” she added.

This will be the second yoga and visioning workshop Gillaspy has led, but she has participated in them since 2014.

“I went up to a place in Indianapolis, found it on Facebook, and that’s kind of what started my whole yoga journey quite honestly,” she said. “It felt right. I learned all about visualization, setting goals, setting intentions and then creating a board with pictures of what you want and then posting it in your house.”

She puts the board up on her bathroom mirror, so she sees it every morning.

“That first year blew me away,” Gillaspy said. “When you go back and look at it at the end of the year, it’s amazing. They are so powerful.”

Gillaspy’s biggest year of transformation was 2015, she said. In her vision board she had glued several images of butterflies.

“I didn’t know why when I did it, I just felt drawn to these butterflies,” she said. “You’re setting an intention, not resolutions. You’re setting an intention for yourself. What do you want?”

Trina Tracy of Seymour said she enjoys setting goals each year and believes creating a vision board helps affirm those goals. She took part in Gillaspy’s first workshop.

Vision boards can be personal wants and desires or can focus on family or work. They also can include all three aspects, Gillaspy said.

“The vision board is a fun way to keep them in front of me all year long,” she said. “Practicing yoga first helps me relax and reflect on what I would like my life to look like.”

Bridget Molinari of Seymour also attended the workshop in January 2017, and said it’s a great way to start the new year.

“It is amazing how the vision board pictures became a reality,” Molinari said. “I appreciated being a part of this relaxing event.”

On Molinari’s vision board are some images she has already achieved including getting herself a pair of Bridget shoes and becoming a frequent shopper at the local farmers market. Other images, such as whale watching and hiking the Camino in Spain, are ones she continues to reflect on so they will happen in the future.

Having been to Project You before, Molinari said she liked the atmosphere Gillaspy had created.

“Women today, I feel, wear many hats,” she said. “Taking this time to tap into the goals and dreams we would like to bring into our lives can only have a positive influence in our lives and those around us.”

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New Year Yoga, Vision Board and Goal Setting Workshop

When: 1 to 4 p.m. Jan. 7

Where: Project You Studio, 209 E. Second St., Seymour

Cost: $30

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