Christmas Basket Fund continues to grow


The annual Christmas Basket Fund grew to $10,838 with $1,160 in donations over the weekend and Monday.

The newest donations are:

  • In memory of Jack Hildreth, $500 from Jean Hildreth
  • Merry Christmas, $35 from Country Lace Extension Homemakers Club
  • In memory of Michael and Matt Bobb and Herb Elmore, $50 from Richard and Janet Bobb
  • $50, anonymous
  • Merry Christmas, $100 from Knights of Columbus Friday Nite Diners
  • In memory of Mike, Barbara and Jim Fleming, $200 from Brent and Lisa Fleming
  • In memory of Christopher M. Hollin, $25 From Mike and Connie Hollin, Travis and Jamey Dillman, Louie and Randi Pijarnsan, Ben Hollin and Danielle Singleton
  • In memory of Jackie L. Reichenbacker, $125 from Shirley Reichenbacker, Ron and Donna Reichenbacker, Mike and Connie Hollin, Jason and Vera Reichenbacker, Travis and Jamey Dillman, Mark and Kristy Tyler, Louie and Randi Pijarnsan, Ben Hollin and Danielle Singleton.
  • $50, anonymous
  • In loving memory of my sister Pam Lawson, $25 From Ron and Donna Reichenbacker

Now in its 72nd year, the project is sponsored by American Legion Post 89 in Seymour in partnership with Jay C Food Stores, JCB and The Tribune.

Jackson County residents who submitted a letter stating their need for assistance will receive a gift card.

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