Christmas Basket Fund continues to grow


The annual Christmas Basket Fund grew to $9,678 with $1,680 in donations Thursday and Friday.

The newest donations are:

» Merry Christmas to all veterans, $500 from Jay C Food Stores

» In memory of all veterans, $50 from Jim and Becky Ward

» In memory of R.H. “Bob” Harrell, $50 from Phyllis and Melvin Beeker

» In memory of Charlie Raver, $50 from Paul and Margaret England

» In loving memory of Robert Schleter, $100 from Joyce Schleter and family

» In memory of DR and all departed veterans, $50 from Mike Ahlbrand

» In memory of our son, Charlie, $50 from Dr. Charles and Sharon Wolter

» In memory of deceased members, $500 from the Kiwanis Club

Merry Christmas, $100 from Carole and Jolene Endicott

» In loving memory of Charlie and Betty Acton and Earl and Wilma Johnson, $50 from Carol and Sara

» In loving memory of Jim Johnson, $50 from Carol and Sara

» In honor of the marriage of Sondra and John, $30 from Harold and Joan

» In memory of J.J. Hoffmeier, $100 from Nana and Papaw Hoffmeier

Now in its 72nd year, the project is sponsored by American Legion Post 89 in Seymour in partnership with Jay C Food Stores, JCB and The Tribune.

Jackson County residents who submitted a letter stating their need for assistance will receive a gift card.

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