Letter: President Trump speaks out against power abuse


To the editor:

Re: John Krull (director of the Franklin College journalism department), article in the Seymour Tribune, Oct. 21, 2017

Many current Tribune readers aren’t old enough to remember Benito Mussolini, once the fascist dictator of Italy during World War II.

He had been in the newspaper publishing business and an educator. From those experiences he learned the road to his becoming a dictator was through molding the minds of young people and the power of the press over adults.

He once sent Italian envoys to the east coast of the U.S. where they recruited the brightest male students of Italian descent to go to Italy for a free summer supposedly to learn all about their Italian culture and heritage. Once he got them to Italy. he brainwashed them to believe in Fascism.

His ultimate plan was to be able to take over the United States from within. But it didn’t work because these young people had already seen how well capitalism was working and the freedom available in the United States. But my point here is that we must be careful that the minds of our young can easily be molded. Many of our colleges and universities are espousing the liberal side of politics and hatred of one ethnic group against another.

John Krull was writing that the Republicans are in control of the state of Indiana and our U.S. government and all the Democrats can do is complain and throw road blocks at Republican policies.

They are doing a good job of that. But how has all this Republican control come about? It has come from the Democrat’s liberal policies of previous administrations.

The Democrats have been bringing in as many immigrants as possible without any or very little scrutiny. They have not been considering our good citizens and legal immigrants. All they want is these new immigrants to vote for them. The Democrats also are quick to promise the moon to people; free college education, free healthcare, free money for this and that all to win votes to propel their power over all of us. They don’t care for our welfare. They just want to perpetuate their power in Washington over us.

The reason Donald Trump is now our president is because he speaks out against this abuse of power in Washington. He wants to “drain the swamp.”

It is the swamp people, both Democrats and Republicans, who mainly are the ones blocking his agenda. The Democrats are complaining about Trump and his Republican agenda because they realize the American people as a whole want what he is proposing, and if the Republican agenda gets passed by Congress, the Democrats won’t win another national election for decades.

Phil Cordes


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