Right on track

Max Otte is grateful for the athletics opportunities and experiences he has had at Seymour High School.

“No matter what sport you play, you’re always going to have an awesome atmosphere to play in,” he said. “Your coaches are always there for you. They help you grow as young men, and they’re always there to help you get through anything. They always push you hard to make yourself better.”

He started playing basketball in first grade, participating in track and field in eighth grade and playing football his junior year.

This school year, Otte will play all three sports in his final year at Seymour.

Otte said he was talked into playing football by fellow senior Alan Perry.

“Alan is one of my friends, and he was harping on me to play my sophomore year, and I didn’t end up playing,” Otte said. “My junior year, I decided to come out and play because I’ve always wanted to. It’s just awesome to hang out. Football is probably one of my favorite sports just because of how the atmosphere is at a game and having all your brothers out there with you and just have fun.”

Otte has been in and out of the lineup this fall due to a back injury.

He has caught five passes for 156 yards and caught a touchdown pass against Brownstown Central.

Otte is hoping to get his back healthy so he can play basketball and have a good season in track.

He said last winter in basketball, he played mostly junior varsity, and he looking forward to playing varsity minutes.

“There are going to be eight or nine seniors, and we should be a solid team,” Otte said. “I like to play a small forward or guard.”

He said he likes to shoot from the outside, either from the corner or wing, and said he has confidence in shooting 3-pointers.

On defense, Otte enjoys full-court pressing.

Otte had a new basketball coach last winter and has a new football coach this fall.

“I think coach (Mike) Kelly did excellent in the transition,” Otte said. “It was very smooth, and I like the new offense.”

In basketball, he said the coaching philosophies have been different.

“(Former coach Kyle) Clough was more of a defensive kind of guy. He wanted to get in other people’s faces and play some hard defense, and we would get our transition points,” he said. “(Current coach Tyler) Phillips is more about shooting, and we’ll get our points and then we’ll play defense. We’re more of a shooting team.”

Last spring in track and field, Otte concentrated on the high jump and long jump and was a regional qualifier in the high jump.

He said his best high jump last spring was 6 feet.

“I feel like I can get up there by (Seth Ragon at 6-4),” Otte said. “I’ve got spring. I’ve just got to work on my form. I’ve got to get up and arch my back to get over the bar. I love high jump.”

In the long jump, Otte hopes to hit 20 feet.

“You need good speed down the runway and jumping up and out at the same time,” Otte said. “It all comes together, and form helps a lot in long jump, too, and you have to have a good landing.”

While not a big fan of practice, Otte realizes the importance of it.

“It is the best way to get yourself better and to prepare yourself for games and situations,” he said. “You can always rely on practicing hard and having coaches push you. If you just embrace it, you’ll get better.”

The senior said he believes communication and confidence are key in athletics.

“Communication is probably one of the most important things to have on a team because if you’re not vocal, then people don’t know what to do,” Otte said. “If somebody doesn’t know what to do, you’ve got to tell them and help them out.

“Confidence is also a major key to sports. If you don’t have confidence, you’re lacking a very large portion of what you’ve got to do to be successful.”

Otte has enjoyed being a student at Seymour.

“You get to meet a lot more people, new people and new teachers,” Otte said. “It’s awesome to meet new people and have new friends. It just gets you more ready for college.”

The bus rides to sporting events are always fun, he said.

“They are just memories that you’ll remember for the rest of your life,” he said. “I’m going to remember my coaches and my teammates and the memories we’ve made along the way.”

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Name: Max Otte

School: Seymour High School

Parents: Jason and Cathy Otte

Siblings: Brett, Sarah

Sports: Basketball, four years; track and field, three years; football, two years

Athletics highlights: Track and field-regional qualifier 2016, sectional champions 2015 and 2016

Organization: DARE Role Model

Plans after high school: Attend college

Favorite food: Sugar cream pie

Favorite TV show: “The Office”

Favorite musician: J. Cole

Favorite movie: “Creed”

Favorite team: Purdue

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Seymour’s coaches announced the Players of the Game for last week’s 21-12 win at Madison.

Offense: Back, Alan Perry; wide receiver, Tyler Bullard; lineman, Caleb Madden

Defense: Back, Dristan Schrink; linebacker, Devin Hill; lineman, Madden