Brownstown students named month’s best


“Outstanding,” “exemplary character” and “respectful” are words used to describe the most recent Brownstown Central Community School Corp. Students of the Month.

During Tuesday night’s board of trustees meeting in the administration office, second-grader Ashton Kellogg, sixth-grader Megan VonDielingen and senior Jenny Runge received certificates for the monthly honor.

Ashton was nominated as Little Brave of the Month for the topic of respect by his teacher, Kelly Klosterman.

“Ashton is a very respectful student with a delightful personality,” Principal Chrystal Street said in reading Klosterman’s nomination letter. “He is always polite and uses his manners.

“Ashton is helpful to others in the classroom and the other teachers. He always says ‘please’ and ‘thank you.’ Ashton is a wonderful role model to other students in the school and a great representative for Brownstown Elementary.”

Megan’s sixth-grade teachers selected her for the honor.

“Megan is an outstanding young lady,” Principal Doug McClure said in sharing the teachers’ comments.

“She is very responsible and mature for her age. Megan is extremely courteous to all of the other sixth-grade students. Her teachers love having her in class. She always has her work completed and participates regularly in class.”

The teachers also said Megan is eager to help other students.

“Megan assists students with organization and often helps classmates who need a different way of explaining a concept,” they wrote.

Besides being a role model in the classroom, teachers said Megan is a member of the Booster Club and promotes the three R’s — respect, responsibility and resourcefulness — through extracurricular activities, including the sixth-grade volleyball team.

“She was a leader both on and off the court,” the teachers wrote. “She was very dedicated, and her hard work paid off, as she improved tremendously throughout the volleyball season.”

Runge was chosen for the honor by German teacher Angie Sibrel.

“Jennifer is one of those special students who displays exemplary character, intelligence, determination, dependability and leadership with a positive attitude,” Principal Joe Sheffer said in reading Sibrel’s comments.

“She also exemplifies a high value system. She doesn’t allow peer pressure to jeopardize that value system,” Sibrel wrote.

“She is academically strong, has near perfect attendance and always walks into the classroom with a smile ready for the challenge and ready to do her best.”