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Alazae Louden has played football and basketball in Seymour since he was in seventh grade.

One of the things he said he likes best about being a part of those teams is his teammates.

“I like my teammates and us going out there and playing as hard as we can in football,” he said. “We definitely have a good group in basketball, and I definitely enjoy being around people that I’m comfortable playing with and us growing together.

“Practice is a vital part of everything. Games aren’t won on the night of the game. They’re won during the week in practice. Communication is really important on the football field. If one person is not doing their job, then the rest fails. It takes 11 guys going together to make something happen.”

He has been on the field a lot in recent games, as he plays a slot back position on offense and returns kickoffs and punts on special teams.

Which side he plays on with the offense depends on what formation is called, Louden said.

The senior has eight catches for 99 yards and one touchdown.

“I like to run dig routes,” he said. “I usually run 10 yards up field and then cut in or cut out.”

Louden said he tries to use his speed and a head fake to get away from a player.

“It depends on how they’re playing me,” he said. “If they’re on my outside, if I’m running an end route, then I’ll give them a hard step outside and cut in. If they’re on my inside, then I’ll step inside and cut out. I try to take advantage of my speed.”

He said the coaches want all punts to be caught, either with a fair catch or catch and run.

On kickoff returns, he said, “It depends on whichever direction the coach tells us to run because there are double-teams that occur on the sidelines and that is where the hole is going to be. I like returning kickoffs more than punts.”

The Owls are in their first year playing for coach Mike Kelly.

“(We have) definitely focused on each group individually, like offense and defense,” Louden said. “With (former Coach Josh) Shattuck, we were more together than focusing on one specific thing.”

This winter, Louden will battle for a starting guard position in basketball and considers his ball handling and passing as strong points in that sport.

“I definitely like being able to create open shots for my teammates by getting around my guy and passing it out,” Louden said. “I like to take the ball into the basket. I’m not much of an (outside) shooter. It’s easier for me to get the ball one-on-one up the court. We like to put pressure on the other team.”

Louden said his highlight in football would be reaching the sectional championship games each of the past two years, and his highlight in basketball is beating Jeffersonville in the sectional last year.

Louden said he has enjoyed being a student at Seymour High School.

“I have good teachers,” he said. “I’ll definitely remember how the coaches got so involved with school work instead of just being a coach, trying to make the best out of all of us.”

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Name: Alazae Louden

School: Seymour High School

Parents: Anthony Louden, Latisha Lumsey

Siblings: Toni, Ajayla, Kauwaii, Scotty, Carlos and Enrique

Sports: Football, four years; basketball, four years

Organization: Band

Plans after high school: Attend college

Favorite food: Pizza

Favorite TV show: “Supernatural”

Favorite singer: A Boogie

Favorite team: San Antonio Spurs


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