Clearspring School reunion sees 75 attend


The annual Clearspring School reunion was Aug. 27 at Brownstown Elementary School with 75 people, including former teachers and coaches, in attendance.

President Darrell Branaman welcomed the group, and William A. Brown gave the invocation for the pitch-in dinner.

Special recognition was given to veterans present, and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

The meeting was called to order, and a special thank-you was given to all who volunteered with setting up, decorating and helping serve the food and drinks.

Secretary-treasurer Rose Wray read the minutes and gave the treasurer’s report.

The floor was opened for nominations for officers to be elected for the coming year. The present officers were all nominated to serve another year, and each accepted.

A candle was lit by Branaman and Jim Cooper and Dennis Campbell played soft music as the memorial roll of 22 names of students and teachers who had passed away this past year was read.

Special recognition was given to the 1967 graduating class, which is celebrating its 50th year. Class members present were William and Sue Brown, Connie Edwards Greathouse, Dave and Ramona Emily Sawyer, Ronald Terrell and James and Marilyn Hanner Wilson.

Past cheerleaders who were present, Thelma Fleener Crider and Sue Curry Isaacs, led the group in the school song.

Baskets were then passed around for donations to cover expenses, and an announcement was made of the Houston Fall Festival on Oct. 14.

Thomas Fox, who graduated in 1946, received a potted plant for being the oldest present. Others winning door prizes were Joella Black Gallion, Sue Curry Isaacs, Dale Vaught, Jennie Malson, David Fisher and Darrell Lucas.

The meeting was adjourned by all singing “God Be with You Until We Meet Again.”

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