Crothersville athlete likes to be in middle of action


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Crothersville’s Samantha Hurtt said she likes to be involved in the action when it comes to playing sports.

In her position as a middle hitter in volleyball and playing third base on the softball team, Hurtt figures to see plenty of action.

“Getting a kill is a lot of fun,” Hurtt said of volleyball. “You have to watch the other people’s feet a lot. You’ve got to jump as soon as the other person does. I usually have a lot of help blocking.”

Hurtt, who began playing volleyball in sixth grade, plays only front row and serves.

She said she serves to zones.

“I’m usually pretty accurate,” Hurtt said. “I don’t jump-serve. To get an ace, you want to find the weakest hole over there.”

One of Hurtt’s favorite parts of the game is working with teammates.

“I think volleyball is really fun. I have a lot of fun doing it,” Hurtt said. “I like the teamwork. I try to be a senior leader. I try to help everybody whenever I can. The younger girls have trouble with certain things, and I always try to help them.”

On the schedule, Hurtt prefers playing in the Crothersville gymnasium.

“I like playing better at home than other places because I feel more comfortable,” Hurtt said. “I think Springs Valley has a really nice gym. I like the sunken gyms.”

Hurtt looks forward to her second season on the softball team. She began last season at second base and switched to third base in the middle of the season when a player quit the team.

She said she has confidence in being able to field anything hit to her or to her right.

“If it gets past me, the shortstop will usually get it,” she said.

Hurtt said she has to communicate with her shortstop and left fielder on fly balls to the left side of the infield.

She said she looks forward to taking a lot of batting practice prior to the season.

“I’m not the greatest hitter. I do my best to get hits,” Hurtt said.

Hurtt said pitching will be the key to the 2018 season.

“We’ve got to work on pitching, and we’ve got to score some runs. I might try pitching,” she said.

Hurtt said athletes have to have a positive outlook in any sport that they play.

“If you’re in your own head and you think you’re going to do bad, then you’re going to do bad,” she said. “You need to stay confident in what you are doing. If you make a mistake, just shake it off and try again.”

Hurtt said she has enjoyed her days at Crothersville.

“I love Crothersville,” Hurtt said. “I like the smaller school, and I like knowing everybody here. I’m friends with everybody here. I get along really well with everybody. I’ll remember the wins and losses. No matter what, I love my team.”

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Name: Samantha Hurtt

High school: Crothersville

Parent: Wendy Hurtt

Sports: Volleyball, four years; softball, two years

Organizations: Sunshine Society, FFA

Plans after high school: Attend Indiana University

Favorite food: Pizza

Favorite TV show: “Friends”

Favorite team: Indiana University


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