‘Reno Gang’ author visiting Seymour


The author who made research trips to Seymour for her book, “The Notorious Reno Gang,” will return to the scene of the crimes during this year’s Oktoberfest.

Rachel Dickinson, who lives in upstate New York, will be available to sign books Oct. 7 after the Oktoberfest parade.

That date just happens to be 151 years plus one day after the 1866 train robbery that made Seymour and the Reno Gang infamous, with possibly a little help from the more infamous detective, Allan Pinkerton, and his son, William.

Dickinson will be at the Seymour Museum Center, under development in the old federal building on the southeast corner of Chestnut and Third streets, until 6 p.m. the Saturday of Oktoberfest.

Copies of the book published in May can be purchased through online bookstores and also will be available for purchase during the book signing.

Research for the book also took Dickinson to the National Archives, Indiana State Library, various southern Indiana counties and other sites with data on the Reno era. The book’s subtitle is “The Wild Story of the West’s First Brotherhood of Thieves, Assassins and Train Robbers.”

Dickinson also is expected to talk about the book at the Bartholomew County Public Library in Columbus the day after her visit to Seymour. Details will be announced.

Her first book, “Falconer on the Edge,” follows a “hardcore falconer” through a hunting season in Wyoming. Dickinson then returned to school for a Master of Fine Arts, which led to her choosing the Reno Gang for her thesis, which led to the book.

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