Thumbs-Up, Thumbs-Down – August 4


Above and beyond

Thumbs-up to the female employee with the Seymour Police Department who recently returned a purse to a woman who had left it at a local restaurant by mistake. The woman had already returned home before realizing she had left her purse behind. The purse wound up at the police station. The city employee then returned the purse to owner as she was returning home.

Seeding success

Thumbs-up to the buyers at Saturday’s annual 4-H livestock auction at the Jackson County Fair in Brownstown. Each year, those buyers provide 4-H’ers with seed money for 4-H projects for the following year or money for their postsecondary educations. A related thumbs-up to all of the volunteers who make the show possible each year.


Thumbs-up to Brownstown native Gilbert Speer, who recently received the Ken Leffler Award from the Indiana Football Coaches Association. Speer, an instructor and department chair at Zionsville High School, has been a member of the association for more than 30 years and has been supporting the North-South All Star Game, selling tickets at the gate on game night for more than two decades. During his career, he has been an assistant coach at Indiana University, a head coach at Northwest High School in Indianapolis and defensive coordinator at Greenfield, Pike, Hamilton Southeastern and Zionsville high schools. He has been a member of the coaching staff at Franklin College since 2015.

Cruelty in plain sight

Thumbs-down to The Tribune for publishing the picture on Page 4 (the Opinion page) on July 27. I think it’s cruelty on your part to put a picture like that in your paper. For those in recovery, this would be considered a huge trigger — thumbs down. Even those who have been off drugs for years would probably struggle with an article like this. Stop the abuse now. Even where her picture (the writer’s photo) is placed with a big smile, the word “opioid” just above her head and then the huge picture of the needle and spoon with white powder all over … cruelty in plain sight.

Chuck McCory

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