Fee to recycle devices begins: District charging residents $20 for electronic items


Got an old television or computer monitor you want to get rid of?

In recent years, the Seymour Department of Public Works has not been able to accept electronics for disposal because those items cannot go into the landfill due to the heavy metals they contain.

But because of the large number of TVs being left at curbsides, city officials have agreed to work with the Jackson County Solid Waste Management District and will charge residents $20 per item to have them recycled.

Through an interlocal agreement, recently approved by the city council and the board of public works and safety, the city DPW garage at 865 F Ave. East in Freeman Field will now accept dropoffs of electronics from anyone in Jackson County.

City workers will handle and sort the items, and they will be stored in a semitrailer at the garage until the solid waste management district pays to have it transported to a facility in Indianapolis for recycling.

Half will of the $20 will go to the city, and half will go to the county, said Mayor Craig Luedeman.

The solid waste management district typically sponsors two or three free electronics recycling events a year but has been planning to start charging $10 for the service to help defer costs.

Luedeman said the last free electronics dropoff cost the solid waste district around $20,000 to pay for disposal.

“There were seven semi loads,” he said. “You hate to impose fees on people, but at the same time, it’s costing a lot, and we have no avenue in the county to get rid of electronics right now. Goodwill doesn’t take them. Best Way doesn’t take them. Rumpke doesn’t take them.”

With the agreement, Seymour residents can set out televisions, computers and other electronics with their trash, and the property will be billed for pickup on their sewer bills or they can drop off the items at the DPW garage and pay the fee.

Councilman Dave Earley said he was concerned that people would start putting TVs in other people’s yards so they don’t have to pay the fee.

Luedeman said the city may have to look at increasing its trash collection fee of $3 for all residents in the future to handle the cost of recycling electronics if people do not pay the $20 on their own

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